Barraquer Eye Hospital UAE
Kuwait Ministry of Health delegation at Barraquer UAE Eye Hospital, which will offer patients from Kuwait with bespoke ophthalmology care Image Credit: Supplied

A high-level delegation of the Kuwait Ministry of Health has visited Dubai to lay the groundwork for ophthalmology patients from Kuwait to avail of world-class ophthalmology treatment at Barraquer UAE Eye Hospital in Dubai Healthcare City.

Representing the first international facility of the global leading ophthalmology hospital Barraquer Ophthalmology Center, Barcelona, Spain, Barraquer UAE Eye Hospital is also the first dedicated in-patient ophthalmology hospital in Dubai.

Spread over 5 floors and 13,000 m2 in Al Jaddaf, the 30-bed ophthalmology facility and its eight specialist doctors - all from Barraquer Ophthalmology Center in Barcelona - strictly adhere to Barraquer Spain’s revered 80-year legacy of providing the highest quality eyecare through compassion, innovation, knowledge, and employee empowerment, to patients from across the globe.

The Kuwait Ministry of Health’s initiative to bring patients from Kuwait for specialized ophthalmology care at Barraquer UAE Eye Hospital capitalizes on a broader vision of the UAE leaders towards enhancing medical tourism in the country. This visit will help to build a stronger healthcare foundation between the Kuwait - UAE and within the GCC region. Patients residing, especially, in the GCC member countries need not travel overseas for advanced ophthalmology care.

During their visit, they toured the hospital and met the medical team along with the senior leadership team. Ideas for further collaboration were discussed as well. Both the entities, Kuwait Ministry of Health and Barraquer Eye Hospital together discussed and concluded that providing quality eye care and health of the patient has and will always be of prime importance.

Welcoming the Kuwait Ministry of Health’s move to tie up with Barraquer UAE Eye Hospital, Dr. Muhsen Samaan, Medical Director of Barraquer UAE Eye Hospital, said: “By virtue of having the most highly trained and skilled medical team capable of performing more than 90 medical eye related procedures, and backed by cutting-edge technology, Barraquer UAE Eye Hospital is singularly capable of taking on the most complex eye cases of patients.

“Barraquer UAE Eye Hospital is also honored to support the initiative of the UAE leaders in providing comprehensive, high quality, society-effective, and efficient medical services to citizens, residents, and visitors, while ensuring that the UAE becomes the ophthalmology hub of the region,” Dr. Samaan added.

Hailing the prospects of collaboration with Barraquer UAE Eye Hospital, Dr. Yaqoob Al-Tammar, Assistant Undersecretary of Ministry of Health for External Services Affairs of the Kuwait, stated: “It is fortunate that Barraquer UAE Eye Hospital is able to offer patients from Kuwait with bespoke ophthalmology care in the region itself, thereby negating the need for them and their families to travel abroad for the treatment they need be it for simple cases or complex cases such as corneal transplant, retinal detachment, etc”

There are a wide variety of eye diseases prevalent across the region, including cataract, glaucoma, and refractive errors, to name just a few. This has a direct impact on the global growth numbers.