Jotun Paints
This unit serves as a focal point for customers to explore Jotun’s innovative offerings and stay updated with the latest trends. Image Credit: Supplied

Jotun Paints Abu Dhabi announces the grand unveiling of an innovative and customer-centric retail concept that promises to redefine the shopping experience. The event marks a significant milestone in Jotun’s commitment to enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

The newly designed showroom embodies a modern, simple, and premium aesthetic, offering a spacious layout meticulously designed to enable an inspiring and intuitive shopping journey, with a seamless and enjoyable experience.

One standout feature of the new concept is the “New Product Activation Unit,” which highlights the latest product finishes, trending colors, and actual product cans. This unit serves as a focal point for customers to explore Jotun’s innovative offerings and stay updated with the latest trends.

In addition to the activation unit, the showroom now features larger samples for both interior and exterior paint finishes. These larger samples allow customers to better visualize the finish they want, making the decision-making process easier and more informed.

The new concept also includes easy product selection tools designed to assist customers in choosing the right colors and products. These tools, combined with the expertise of our shop sales specialists, aim to promote Jotun’s upper-premium products and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

A key highlight of the revamped showroom is the updated Jotun Colour Centre (JCC), a cornerstone of Jotun’s retail experience. The JCC for both interior and exterior colors has undergone significant enhancements, further differentiating Jotun from its competitors and aiding customers in their color selection process. The updated JCC was a driving force behind the overall change, emphasizing Jotun’s dedication to continuous improvement.

“Re-launching our shops with this state-of-the-art concept underscores our commitment to providing our customers with an unparalleled shopping experience. We are excited because this is the first shop in the MEIA region to be implemented with this revolutionary concept,” said Svein Johan Stub, General Manager of Jotun Paints Abu Dhabi. “We believe that these enhancements will not only inspire our customers but also empower them to make more informed decisions, ultimately leading to greater satisfaction.”

The re-launch is a testament to Jotun’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. By integrating modern design elements with practical solutions, Jotun Paints continues to set new standards in the retail paint industry.

For more information, visit Jotun Paints Abu Dhabi at Al Ain Mall and experience the future of retail shopping firsthand.