Founders of Ticmint Omar Sarieddine and Abdulla Hisham Image Credit: Supplied

Ticmint, the innovative blockchain-based ticketing startup, officially launched in the UAE on September 30, and outlines its expansion plans for India. Founded by visionary entrepreneurs Omar and Hisham, Ticmint is determined to disrupt the global ticketing industry with its revolutionary approach.

After Ticmint's entry into the UAE, the company has plans for India following a successful pilot program and extensive market research, reaffirming the company's commitment to providing secure, transparent, and fan-centric ticketing solutions. The startup's unique blockchain-powered platform aims to combat fraud, scalping, and ensure equitable access to tickets for fans and event-goers while also providing controlled access to the secondary market.

Ticmint is also proud to announce the appointment of a prominent figure in the ticketing industry as its Senior Advisor - Darren Hepworth. With a distinguished career, including serving as a key member of the FIFA Ticketing team for the Qatar 2022 World Cup and holding the position of VP at Ticketmaster Middle East, his expertise will be invaluable to Ticmint's mission.

Existing ticketing providers can seamlessly integrate Ticmint's user-friendly Ticbolt tool into their current operations, harnessing the power of blockchain to unlock the full benefits of Web3 and drive business growth.

For event promoters and venue partners who don't have an existing ticketing platform, Ticmint offers a comprehensive solution—an end-to-end ticketing system that streamlines the entire ticketing process and provides a range of benefits tailored to their specific needs.

Omar Sarieddine, Co-founder of Ticmint, a NFT collector and blockchain enthusiast certified from MIT in the Application of Blockchain Technology in Business, expressed excitement about the company's global journey: "We are thrilled to bring Ticmint's transformative ticketing platform to the diverse markets of the UAE and India. Our mission is to revolutionize the ticketing experience, empower fans, artists, and event promoters, and enhance trust, transparency, and security in the ticketing ecosystem through blockchain technology.”

Ticmint's platform offers key benefits include driving business growth: Ticmint generates additional revenue through secondary market trading and collectibles; control: Ticmint's smart contracts enable organizers to control, manage and track secondary markets, enhancing control over ticket resales; security: Ticmint reduces the risk of fraud and counterfeit tickets; transparency: Ticmint makes transactions traceable and verifiable on the open ledger and inclusivity: Ticmint creates a ticketing ecosystem promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities for all stakeholders.

Abdulla Hisham, Co-founder of Ticmint, a seasoned entrepreneur whose former startup, Foradian Technologies, served over 10 million users in more than 100 countries, added, "We go beyond ticket sales, driving controlled secondary markets, seamless access control, fostering inclusivity, and setting the stage for unforgettable events."

Recent statistics indicate concerning trends: roughly two-thirds of customers encounter fraud, 12% of concert-goers experience ticketing scams, and 70% of Champions League Final tickets sold were counterfeit, with scalpers charging prices 2 to 20 times the face value.

For partnerships and more details, visit https://ticmint.com