Fatima Ibrahim
Fatima Ibrahim Image Credit: Fatima Ibrahim

Riyadh: Fatima Ibrahim, an esteemed executive coach, has launched coaching programs designed to foster authentic executive presence among business leaders. With over 22 years of experience in HR and people development, including 13 years in leadership roles, Fatima brings a wealth of expertise to her coaching practice.

The programs include a range of workshops and personalized coaching sessions, each tailored to address the unique challenges executives face in today’s dynamic business environment. Key offerings include workshops like the "Booster Pill," "Executive Presence," "The Way to Authenticity," and "The Me in Me," each focusing on different aspects of personal and professional growth.

“I believe that authentic leadership starts with a deep understanding of oneself,” says Ibrahim. “My coaching programs are designed to help leaders dive inward, identify their true strengths, and lead in a genuine and impactful way.”

Fatima’s coaching approach includes effective questioning, challenging limiting beliefs, and facilitating proactive steps toward personal and professional goals. Her programs help executives overcome ego-driven decision-making and other internal barriers that hinder growth.

“In my field, it’s crucial to address the inner barriers that hold leaders back,” adds Ibrahim. “By focusing on authenticity and ego management, my programs help clients break free from these constraints and achieve their highest potential.”

Fatima Ibrahim’s coaching programs have already made a significant impact, with over 150 clients benefiting from her guidance. Her unique approach has earned her recognition, including the Outstanding Leadership Award at the CXO Conference.

With the launch of these new programs, Fatima aims to expand her reach within Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East, providing executives with the tools they need to lead with authenticity and confidence in an ever-evolving business landscape.