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Seema Zaidi, Director, Fast Track Solutions Image Credit: Supplied

Healthcare sector in the UAE has witnessed rapid development since 1971 and forms the key contributor in the Vision 50 plan of UAE leadership for next 50 years.

Apart from local demand for tertiary care, growth is also driven by booming medical tourism that saw around 350,118 visitors, registering a rise of 4 per cent in medical tourism arrivals in 2019. As such nearly 16,000 health professionals and specialty doctors are required in the UAE by 2025. Healthcare sector thrives on the back of its specialised workforce.

Fast Track Solutions, a leading healthcare recruitment agency since 2010 has stepped up and restructured the way hiring is done in the UAE medical sector. With operations in the UAE, Saudi & Bahrain, 10,000+ specialised pool of candidates, 25+ sourcing countries and 82+ licenses procured, Fast Track solutions provides end to end consultancy services in recruitment and career counseling of medical professionals in the Healthcare Industry.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are attracting medical tourists from world over; both the cities are ranked 6th and 9th respectively as per Medical Tourism Index as most popular medical tourism destinations in 2020-2021.

Commenting on the growth of medical tourism and subsequent talent acquisition, Seema Zaidi, Director, Fast Track Solutions, says, “Post pandemic the medical tourism is expected to rise at record levels as visitors from GCC, African and Middle Eastern countries are looking for excellent treatment. Hospitals in the UAE are offering exceptional infrastructure, specialised doctors and advanced care at affordable costs. Top specialty healthcare includes cancer treatment, cosmetic procedures, fertility procedures, dermatology, and orthopedics. Highly skilled doctors are looking to relocate to the UAE because of better infrastructure, higher salaries, and long term visas. Credit goes to UAE government whose initiatives are taking the sector forward”.

Fast Track Solutions aces in hiring for niche specialties such as super-specialized doctors like pediatric subspecialists, medical oncologists, hemato-oncologists, interventional radiologists, IVF experts, spine specialists, radiologists (MSK), fetal medicine etc.

 Zaidi adds, “We have successfully placed super specialised doctors in different specialties such as fetal medicine, medical oncologists, pediatric neurologists etc., for start-ups as well as established hospitals. These positions are difficult to fill as the talent available with right qualifications, experience and DHA/MOH/DOH licenses is limited. Since we have vast pool of database from the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada Germany, India, New Zealand, and the Middle East, we were able to fill up these positions in record time.”

Fast Track acts as a consultant for their clients by providing customised solutions in non-clinical roles as well such as Marketing, HR, and Finance etc. For instance the agency has successfully placed Head of Service Excellence and Insurance Head with adequate healthcare experience for leading Hospitals in UAE. Healthcare recruitment differs from other industry recruitments as it is an extremely demanding career, with patient lives on the line every day. Hence a number of special considerations have to be kept in mind while managing recruitment. For safe hiring Fast Track Solutions focuses on verifying candidates’ background through technology enable screening services. The candidates undergo series of interviews, verifications, reference checks, tests and license verification process as per UAE compliance to make them suitable for the job. The agency not just offers support to hospitals but also takes care of candidates, their on boarding, training etc. so they are well placed and grow in their organisation.

“After all our goal is to ensure better patient experiences, better outcomes, and lower costs.” says Zaidi, signing off.

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