Farm to plate
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As the UAE pursues its ambitious Vision 2021 goals, Farm To Plate, a pioneering SaaS-blockchain solution for the food supply chain, is set to drive crucial changes in the food and beverage industry, reducing waste and bolstering food security.

The United Arabian Emirates and the Gulf region are experiencing rapid growth in their food and beverage industry, driven by increasing demand and expanding populations. However, challenges like high food wastage rates and supply chain inefficiencies persist. This has prompted innovation-driven company Farm To Plate to develop a new supply chain management solution that can support the UAE in achieving its ambitious goal of leading the Global Food Security Index by 2051.

Emerging technology such as blockchain is shaping up to be a big part of those solutions. Since the start of the decade, Blockchain technology is emerging as a game-changer, offering increased efficiency, reduced food wastage, and improved trust in the food supply chain.

Relief for the dying producer economy

Blockchain technology offers a powerful solution to this problem. Farm To Plate's blockchain-based track and trace solutions can provide reliable data on demand levels in various markets across geographies. By leveraging historical patterns and real-time pricing analysis, farmers can make informed decisions on crop planning and avoid over-farming, ultimately leading to higher income and more sustainable agricultural practices.

Farm To Plate CEO Pramod Sajja emphasizes the importance of this solution, stating, "Our blockchain-based platform empowers farmers with the data and tools they need to make informed decisions, leading to sustainable agriculture and improved farmer economics."

Saving food in transit

The UAE's food and beverage sector is a significant contributor to the nation's economy, with over 550 manufacturing units and a goods value of over AED 35 billion. However, supply chain inefficiencies lead to considerable losses, with an estimated AED 6billion worth of food wasted due to spoilage. (source: Meed, Editorial , 29th Nov 2022)

An automated, blockchain-based application like Farm To Plate can track the movement of food in real-time and ease regulatory compliance by providing a trustworthy document store directly on the blockchain. Secure storage of essential documents, such as bills of lading and manifests, ensures smooth and efficient food movement. Additionally, a tamper-proof tracking system discourages logistics delays and adulteration attempts by swiftly pinpointing discrepancies.

Sajja highlights the impact of their solution on reducing food wastage, stating, "Our technology addresses the critical issue of spoilage in the food supply chain, helping to reduce waste and promote food security in the UAE."

Trust and safety for consumers

In an age where consumers are increasingly conscious of the quality and source of their food, trust in food products is paramount. However, manufacturers sometimes rebrand ordinary products with qualifiers such as sustainable, organic, or certified, leading to skepticism among consumers.

Farm To Plate's blockchain-based platform can help establish consumer trust in food quality and authenticity by providing a transparent and verifiable record of a product's journey from farm to plate. By scanning a QR code, consumers can trace the origin of their food to its source producer and even tip farmers for their produce with no intermediaries.

Sajja acknowledges the importance of consumer trust, asserting, "Our platform enables consumers to verify the authenticity and quality of their food, fostering trust in the food and beverage industry and promoting ethical practices."

Driving such a change often needs government intervention and regulatory change, since current supply chain practices have been ingrained within businesses for centuries. This is where the UAE has taken the driver’s seat.

A technology-driven future

The UAE's strong focus on technology-driven enablement, as evidenced by the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021 and Dubai's D33 Strategic Vision, positions it as a global leader in the adoption of emerging technologies. This is highlighted by Hisham Al Gurg, CEO of the highly influential Seed Group. They actively encourage tech-innovative companies to bring their products to Dubai and the MENA region and drive Dubai’s move towards a 100% digital future.

As a part of their strategic partnership with the Seed Group, Farm To Plate's unique mix of capabilities, including an immutable blockchain-based track and trace system, secure storage of smart contracts and essential documents, and a QR-code-based system for full product traceability, promises to bring lasting change to the UAE's food ecosystem.

With the goal of achieving the top rank on the Global Food Security Index by 2051, the UAE is on a bold and innovative path. Farm To Plate, in partnership with the Seed Group and other key players, will play a crucial role in reducing food waste and spoilage, enabling greater food availability, and fostering sustainable agricultural practices. By leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, Farm To Plate is revolutionizing the food supply chain in the UAE and beyond, ensuring a brighter and more secure future for farmers, manufacturers, and consumers alike.