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VOLTS UAE produces home energy storage systems and has opened its first showroom in May 2023 in Masdar City (Abu Dhabi). Now company is launching a manufacture in Abu Dhabi airport Free Zone.

The product

VOLTS is first energy storage made in the UAE. System provides a reliable power supply, providing houses with electricity when they are cut off from the grid or with clean solar power. VOLTS can be charged by any power source. It has 4 – 45 kW power (the configuration of the required power individually and can be expanded) and up to 24 hours of self-contained operation. VOLTS also forms an independent solar station in one box in combination with solar panels, so house can be supplied with clean electric energy for various purposes.

VOLTS is the only one on the energy storage market that offers customization of the device case. VOLTS customers can choose any color or print for the case: a traditional ornament or even a poster of their favorite rock group. Due to its compact size, VOLTS can be easily integrated into the interior of any home. VOLTS is 100% eco-friendly and clean: It doesn’t produce any noise or emissions so it can be installed in any room of the house.

New production site at Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone

Today VOLTS UAE is launching a production site: the first energy storage inhouse manufacture at Middle East with the support of Masdar City, Catalyst and Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone. Products will be fully assembled in the UAE and will be fully certified. Today the new production site has made a technical opening and the first assembled VOLTS energy storage systems can be bought in Masdar City (Abu Dhabi). In November 2023, a grand official opening will take place as part of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention (COP 28) the UAE host.

Vladimir Mlynchik, VOLTS UAE Founder: "VOLTS manufacture is just the first step in our ambitious plans for energy storage technologies development in the Middle East. This year we decided to launch the project of the energy storage Gigafactory, which will produce not only energy storages, but also battery cells used both for our prime product, home energy storages, and also for commercial energy storages up to 200 MWH.

"Gigafactory production will be based on the work of an extensive R&D center that will research the operation of batteries and energy storage systems in extreme temperature conditions, which are typical for the Middle Eastern countries. We intend to develop a powerful technological center that will become significant throughout the whole world. The today manufacture opening is the beginning of an important work."