Alexander Mamasidikov, co-founder of MinePlex Banking
Alexander Mamasidikov, co-founder of MinePlex Banking Image Credit: Supplied

MinePlex held a conference, recently in Ritz-Carlton, at Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, which included networking with the leaders of the blockchain industry and fintech spheres, and a presentation on the most anticipated project of the market.

The event which celebrates one year since the launch of the innovative CrossFi MinePlex Banking announced the launch of a new line of products that will determine the development of the crypto industry for the next 5 years.

At the meeting, a landmark event took place for the development of the project and the entire industry - the signing of an agreement on strategic cooperation between MinePlex and Dzing Finance Ltd, a financial institution that has the principles of VISA and Mastercard, for the integration of MinePlex with the Mastercard payment system. This will allow you to perform any payment operations in PLEX tokens, bypassing intermediaries.

There was also a presentation of the MinePlex crypto card, which will allow you to pay with cryptocurrency anywhere in the world where there is a card reader. The first certification on the MinePlex crypto card with PLEX tokens was held.

“We are entering a new era of development not only of the project, but also of the market as a whole. The banking system in its current form cannot cover the needs of consumers. We have developed CrossFi technology and a number of financial instruments in order to change the industry and make blockchain and cryptocurrency a part of every client's daily reality”. said Alexander Mamasidikov, co-founder of MinePlex Banking.

The updated marketplace will not only become a place of profitable purchases for users from all over the world but also offer customers a new feature-product staking.

The MinePlex Marketplace serves as a middleman. It operates as a retail company. It purchases the electronics for fiat and sells them to users for PLEX. Buyers can have an opportunity to spend their tokens and buy goods without exchanging them. Among benefits for buyers, The MinePlex Marketplace provides them with a new audience and new opportunities for placement.

Alexander Mamasidikov said:” MinePlex make the marketplace the easiest to use and the clearest to all users. There is a wide range of goods offered. Customers can buy modern gadgets, electronics for PLEX tokens. Also, we have developed an absolutely new instrument - Commodity staking. It is based on the MinePlex blockchain that guarantees the security of its usage. Commodity staking is a unique instrument that allows any user to purchase a product for a part of its cost.”

“You choose a product, pay a part of its cost in PLEX tokens, so the MinePlex staking starts to operate and you wait for the end of the staking period and get a product”, he explained.

Alexander Mamasidikov said: “The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing all around the world. If a few years ago crypto coins were used almost exclusively for speculative trading, today bitcoin and some altcoins are used as a means of payment or an investment instrument. The next step towards cryptocurrencies adoption will be the creation of special marketplaces where crypto coins will be the main payment option.”

He added: “The MinePlex Marketplace became the first marketplace like this. We are creating the mobile banking MinePlex Banking that unites the reliability of blockchain and traditional financial services. It allows automatic conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat that can be used at any place where there is a card reader without a need for visiting the office or thinking about geographical borders.”