Jaffar Bin Jaffar, Director of Property & Sales Ops – DHCC; and (right) Karim Dakki, Founder and CEO of KLAIM Image Credit: Supplied

KLAIM, a healthcare technology platform dedicated to improving profitability and cashflow for healthcare providers, has been in the UAE market since 2019. The company, which uses best-in-class technology, artificial intelligence, and automation, helps healthcare providers convert medical claims that are due to be paid into reliable and predictable cashflow. Thanks to this innovative solution, providers no longer need to worry about financial resources when looking to manage and expand their practices.

KLAIM has recently partnered with Dubai Healthcare City, the emirate’s enabling healthcare freezone, which will give DHCC stakeholders and partners preferential subscription rates to KLAIM’s propriety platforms to boost performance, speed up insurance claims processing and settlement, reduce staffing overheads and improve the overall patient experience.

The forward-thinking partnership is part of the progressive DHCC strategy, which supports its current and future providers, as it continues to play a leading role in the development of the UAE healthcare industry. The collaboration will also contribute to DHCC’s goal to attract best-in-class expertise and expand its portfolio of services and technologies.

“According to our data, in the UAE, there is approximately $1.2 billion worth of pending healthcare insurance claims tied up, which has enormous impact on the industry’s players. KLAIM solves an important issue for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and laboratories, as it pays off claims within 24 hours, which would otherwise take up to 3 months to be accepted. Our solutions help providers access working capital and focus on running smooth operations to expand their businesses. Providers that choose KLAIM, manage to attract high-level professionals, upgrade facility equipment and meet all payment deadlines for their daily operations. We are here to support the most important industry in our lives. Patients within the Dubai Healthcare City freezone and wider society itself can enjoy the highest quality, reliable medical services.”, declared Karim Dakki, Founder and CEO of KLAIM.

Upon the implementation of KLAIM, healthcare providers in DHCC will also benefit from real-time performance data analytics to help improve the overall revenue cycle management, ease the cash flow, and minimize the investment required to run the business.

“KLAIM technology will be another asset in our enabling ecosystem to allow business to thrive and our ongoing efforts to attract the best in class global and regional healthcare names to Dubai Healthcare City as part of the emirate’s goals to become a leading global healthcare destination,” said Salim Dahman, Director of Marketing and Communications at Dubai Healthcare City Authority.