Marilyn Pinto wants parents to take on the task of imbibing the best habits in their wards rather than schools or life experience do that for them. Image Credit: Supplied

A Dubai-based educator has authored a book aimed at changing the way today’s young people manage money, even as financial literacy and the need to have it reach as wide an audience as possible gains traction. Marilyn Pinto, founder of KFI Global, takes on the ‘reality of finance beyond simple saving’ in the book ‘Smarter, Richer, Braver’.

The ‘manual’ offers a rundown of why it’s imperative teenagers are taught to effectively manage money and likely scenarios if this doesn’t happen.

“The vast majority of children – even if they leave school with extensive academic qualifications - leave without any idea of how to manage money in preparation for the rest of their lives,” said Marilyn. “Sure, they might have been taught about the importance of saving, but do they know how to really make money work for them? They simply aren’t taught in school.”

The book enables parents to teach their teenagers the importance of sound financial habits and how to avoid the mistakes that can leave them financially disadvantaged.