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Flashmob Nation, a high-street designer brand by actor-cum-model Shreyas Mehta, was launched at the Dubai Design District on March 12. The launch, followed by an after-party, created a considerable frenzy, receiving praises from attendees and industry stalwarts. Flashmob Nation, a marriage of local textile influences and global high-street designer trends, complements the city’s flourishing fashion culture and unique cosmopolitan identity.

Founder, Mehta, an actor and model of Dubai Boy fame, regards Flashmob Nation as an extension of himself — an identity shaped by Dubai’s unshakeable spirit, multiculturalism, and cosmopolitanism. Mehta’s decade-long work experience as a buyer, combined with academic credentials, too, inspired the launch of the high-street designer brand.

“My sincere gratitude to everyone who was part of Flashmob Nation, from its conception to the successful launch. It wouldn’t be possible without their word-of-mouth efforts and unconditional support. I envision the brand to be a microcosm of Dubai’s textile culture someday — something the fashion aficionados in the city are proud to call their own,” expresses Mehta, the breakout star of Bravo TV's popular reality show, Love Without Borders.

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Flashmob Nation announced itself through eye-catching inaugural collections, including a bohemian ensemble called the Snob Society and a purpose-clothing set named the Party Criminal. Both feature a generous amount of sequin, characterising the brand’s promise of exquisite design and differentiation. Sequin is the staple, be it on one-shoulder bodycon and mini dresses, contemporary crop tops, or eccentric oversized jackets.

Zip-up and buttoned co-ords in creative silver tones and solid colours exemplify Flashmob Nation’s sync with contemporary cosmopolitanism. Partygoers can revel in shine-finish belted coats, faux fur corset tops, embellished denim, and vintage black blazers. Avid fans of deconstruction fashion will appreciate distressed t-shirts, just as admirers of bohemian designs will value jazzy “shackets” and shirts with embroidered collars and cuffs.

A testament to the brand’s range and inclusivity is the Basic collection comprising quality hoodies and trousers. Stylistic nuances aside, the entire catalogue — dresses, t-shirts, partywear, denim, tracksuits, and more — boasts a uniformity of premium fabric, stand-out design, and effortless fashion. “There is something for everyone,” affirms Mehta.

“We have drawn eclectic influences before designing the inaugural collections, reinterpreting the bygone textile culture as well as reconciling with contemporary fashion. So, it is essentially global high-street fashion with a delicate touch of Dubai. At the same time, it betrays any particular fashion paradigm, thereby retaining an identity that is unique to the brand,” adds Mehta.