Dr Thumbay Moideen Honored at the Gulf Karnatakotsava 2023
Dr Thumbay Moideen honoured at the Gulf Karnatakotsava 2023

In a remarkable testament to extraordinary achievements and contributions, Dr Thumbay Moideen was bestowed with the Gulf Karnataka Ratna Award, emphasising his leadership in healthcare delivery and medical education. Notably, Dr Moideen holds the distinction of being the only Indian in the world to own and operate the biggest private medical university outside India. This recognition reflects his dedication to enhancing healthcare and nurturing the future of medical professionals.

Alongside him, 20 other distinguished businessmen were also honoured for their remarkable contributions at the festivities of the Gulf Karnatakotsava - the UAE's most prominent platform for celebrating business excellence and recognising the remarkable contributions of Karnataka's businessmen in the Gulf.

The award was presented by the esteemed Chief Guest, Shaikh Mohammed Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum, member of the Dubai royal family and Chairman of MBM Group, to Dr Moideen.

In 1997, Dr Moideen founded the Thumbay Group in 1997, which has grown from a private medical college to a prominent conglomerate in medical education, healthcare delivery research, diagnostics, pharmacies and the hospitality sectors. With over 110 locations across seven emirates, the group partners with over 70 institutions.

Speaking about receiving the award, Dr Moideen, founder president, Thumbay Group states, “I am grateful to God Almighty, the support of the Rulers and the Government, and my own sincere team. This recognition will inspire me to do more in driving positive change."

Beyond business excellence, Dr Moideen has been an ardent advocate for the importance of healthcare accessibility and quality education globally. His philanthropic efforts have reached communities in need, providing medical services and educational opportunities to those who would otherwise lack access.

The Gulf Karnataka Ratna Award is a testament to Dr Moideen's commitment to improving the well-being of people and his dedication to nurturing the future leaders of the medical field. Remarkably, he serves as an inspiration not only to individuals of Karnataka origin but also to all those who strive to make a lasting impact on society through their work ethics and visionary leadership.