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DeLead group at DeMont Institute of Management & Technology

In an era defined by innovation and transformation, DeMont Institute of Management & Technology emerges as a beacon of educational distinction, steadfast in its commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Through dedicated efforts to harness students' innate talents and arm them with the acumen required for succeed in their chosen fields, DeMont paves a trajectory of success.

Testament to this dedication are the groundbreaking CSR initiatives, the DeLEAD and DeCODE programs; these immersive experiences empower students to grow personally and professionally, preparing them to become influential leaders in their respective domains.

Resounding inauguration of DeLEAD and DeCODE

On April 29, 2023, DeMont Institute achieved a significant milestone by launching the transformative programs. With more than 300 participants attending over a span of 16-days, the event was a resounding success. The DeLEAD and DeCODE programs, effortlessly united students from various schools and backgrounds. This dynamic environment cultivates a rich exchange of perspectives, allowing ideas to flourish. Through meaningful interactions, students expand their horizons and develop indispensable social skills, vital for navigating our interconnected world.

Cultivating leaders: An immersive journey

The engaging discussions, interactive workshops, and hands-on activities provided students a platform to identify and cultivate their leadership abilities. The program was conducted by industry experts who encouraged participants to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves, fostering real-world application and practical skill development. Upon the program completion, each student received a certificate of participation, recognizing their commitment to personal and professional growth.

A confluence of minds: Nurturing tomorrow's leaders

The DeLEAD and DeCODE programs at DeMont exemplify our dedication to nurturing leadership potential and fostering excellence in computer science. These initiatives provide students with transformative experiences that empower them to excel personally and professionally. By instilling essential skills and knowledge, we prepare students to become future leaders in their chosen fields and embrace the vast opportunities that lie ahead in an ever-evolving world.

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