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More than 60 per cent of the retailers have started implementing cryptocurrency as a payment method in the US, and there are over 80 million blockchain cryptocurrency wallet users globally.

While crypto payment for grocery shopping has not been implemented earlier in the UAE, Day To Day Hypermarket is the first one to introduce it.

Popular discount store in the UAE Day To Day Hypermarket, well-known for its multiple branches as well as huge offers, has come up with this new option of payment, which is considered the next step into the future of payment solutions.

This payment method will be accepted for both physical branches as well as Day To Day Hypermarket's online shopping website ( Furthermore, most cryptocurrency types will be accepted for payment purposes.

The payment process will require your mobile phone. For in store payments, it involves a POS machine located in the stores that will facilitate the transaction. For online shopping payments, simply click on the option of the cryptocurrency payments, a link provided by the website ( will facilitate the payment there on. In both  cases, payments can be processed instantly and in a hassle free manner.

With the launch of the latest advancements in cryptocurrency payment systems, Day To Day Hypermarket has set a benchmark for other retailers in the UAE - not only will it cater to the expats but also to the citizens of the UAE.

Here are the listed branches which are accepting cryptocurrency:

 Daytoday Hypermarket Al Fahidi Branch

 Daytoday Hypermarket Baniyas Square Branch

 Daytoday Hypermarket Al Safa Sharjah Branch

 Daytoday Hypermarket Al Quoz Branch

 Daytoday Hypermarket Ajman Branch

 Daytoday Hypermarket Abu Dhabi Branch (opening soon)

For Further information please visit:; 800 Day To Day; 800 329 86 329