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In every field of work, psychology plays an important role. This is certainly understood when considering jobs like people management, customer service, education, and the medical field, but it goes much further than that. Psychology is also at the core of marketing, the success of online services, and even the success of TV shows and movies. Even in areas like engineering and computer programming, psychology plays a role in things like computer interface design, how a building looks, or even which lane is used to exit a motorway in a particular direction.

A person who has studied psychology is well placed to contribute in any company and any industry in every role -  from working in human resources to managing teams to being a core member of teams doing design thinking. Failure to understand human psychology has resulted in everything from a boycott of Snapchat to people being trampled going into a rock concert. On the other hand, a good understanding of human psychology led to nearly every product Apple has made and the success of smartphones.

As we move into the future, most manual jobs and jobs that do not either require human interaction or a deep understanding of human psychology will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Regardless of the field of work, every student needs to study the basics of psychology and sociology. Anyone looking to be in a leadership position needs to further study organisational development and human resource management. The courses will serve to provide much greater understanding when studying other topics such as management, leadership, negotiation, risk management, and change management. Psychology is especially important for those seeking the excitement of the marketing industry as nearly every aspect of marketing is directly related to understand human psychology.

In September 2022, Curtin Dubai, a top 200 ranked Australian university in Dubai, will begin offering a Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science and a double degree, Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science and Human Resource Management. Upon completion of either of these degrees, students will be career ready to go into a wide variety of industries and put their knowledge of psychology to use. Students taking any other bachelor’s degree at Curtin Dubai can choose to take classes from these degrees as electives to strengthen their degree.

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