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Curtin University Dubai’s Business School is back with yet another exciting event for the annual Business Cup Challenge (BCC) for 2022. This year, the competition embraces Sustainability as the theme, along with the continuation of its newly added participation category for universities.

Being the 7th edition of the prestigious event, the BCC continues to be a unique platform to increase students’ knowledge of the business world. The competition is open to high school and university students to participate and allows them to work as part of a team in a competitive environment, using their critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and business acumen.

With the UN Sustainable Development Goals being implemented by governments across the world, this year, the Business Cup Challenge will focus on Sustainability and its relationship to businesses. The case studies and business ideas will focus on helping companies achieve one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and help students adopt a dynamic leadership mindset to bring the world into a new age of sustainable living.

The competition will consist of real-world case studies, an in-person elevator pitch, and the Grand Finale. What’s unique about the competition is that while the top five teams from the initial case study rounds progress into the final round, the remaining teams get another opportunity to continue competing through an elevator pitch round. Another set of five top-scoring teams will progress into the finale leading to the final winner.

The winners of the Business Cup Challenge will receive medals, certificates, and the prestigious BCC trophy. Additionally, they will receive internship and industry engagement opportunities and funding for their higher education at Curtin University Dubai.

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