Ghada Abdelkader, Senior VP of Crescent Enterprises Image Credit: Supplied

As part of its commitment to environmental conservation, Crescent Enterprises has announced its renewed partnership with Emirates Nature-WWF, to support the UAE’s environmental initiatives.

The partnership reaffirms Crescent Enterprises’ commitment to supporting conservation efforts and engaging in environmental initiatives including the impact-driven ‘Leaders of Change’ programme. Designed to empower organisations and individuals across the UAE with training, networking, and volunteering opportunities, the environmentally focused 'Leaders of Change' programme helps participants and employees develop the professional skills required for excellence in the workplace, promoting the personal and emotional growth necessary to become responsible global citizens.

The partnership continues the ongoing work between Crescent Enterprises and Emirates-Nature WWF to support the UAE's sustainability objectives through collective action to tackle global issues.

"A key pillar of our sustainability strategy is enabling the stewardship of our planet", said Ghada Abdelkader, Senior VP of Crescent Enterprises. "By working with Emirates Nature-WWF, people, organisations and governments, we have the power to take collective action and deliver transformative impact at scale for sustainability and the environment in the UAE."

Laila Abdullatif, Director General of Emirates Nature-WWF. Said"Emirates Nature-WWF works to conserve our natural heritage and reduce the most pressing threats to the environment for the benefit of all society. The contribution and support from organisations such as Crescent Enterprises help us to achieve science-based solutions to combat climate change and safeguard marine and land biodiversity. We look forward to working with Crescent Enterprises to support the UAE's Green Growth Strategy and create a more sustainable future,"