The educational platform is designed exclusively for real estate brokers Image Credit: Supplied

Behomes, a pioneering proptech startup based in Dubai, is set to transform the real estate landscape in the MENA region, with a particular focus on the UAE. The company is proud to announce the launch of an educational platform designed exclusively for real estate brokers, bringing cutting-edge technology solutions to the forefront of professional development.

Supported by the DIFC Innovation Hub, Behomes has assembled a team with over seven years of expertise in developing SaaS proptech solutions. Their mission is to elevate the educational standards within the real estate industry across the MENA region. Collaborating closely with developers and real estate agencies, Behomes provides a holistic, integrated approach and offers exceptional B2B services. Their primary goal is to empower qualified brokers in the Middle East with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their profession.

In the dynamic UAE real estate market, there is a growing recognition of the necessity for a robust educational foundation and training opportunities for brokers. Behomes' innovative platform addresses this critical need.

Presently, newcomers in the UAE real estate sector often spend at least a year gaining experience before they can expect substantial earnings. Simultaneously, many experienced professionals exit the industry within a year due to burnout, inadequate skills, and a lack of access to essential knowledge resources. This situation has created a glaring gap in broker qualifications in the market. Sales department leaders find themselves dedicating approximately 50% of their time to training brokers, thereby diminishing the overall quality of their work.

Behomes has harnessed modern technology to offer solutions to these challenges. Their intelligent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system enhances the capabilities of real estate professionals in the UAE, equipping them with advanced skills. The platform includes a comprehensive database of new properties in Dubai, complete with tools for creating presentations. It also features an interactive map of the emirate with the latest property listings, online courses, training modules covering various facets of the real estate sector, webinars, and podcasts featuring insights from real estate experts. Additionally, it provides assessment tools for gauging knowledge retention.

A specialized course tailored specifically for real estate brokers is part of the platform's offerings. This course comprises eight educational modules and 24 video lessons, delivering crucial insights and knowledge needed by real estate professionals in Dubai. Behomes is also ready to develop individual corporate courses, customized to match the branding and specific needs of particular companies.

For real estate companies in Dubai, Behomes offers the option of corporate offline training in modern proptech technologies, conducted on-site at the client's office. This initiative can serve as a powerful competitive edge for any brokerage, allowing professionals to swiftly acquire essential knowledge and substantially enhance profitability.

Behomes invites real estate professionals and companies to explore the potential of their platform and unlock new opportunities for growth and success. To learn more, please visit Behomes' official website at: