Syam P Prabhu, Founder and Managing Director, Aurion Image Credit: Supplied

Established on June 25 2007, Aurion, one of the popular business setup consultants completes the fifteenth year of its inception in the UAE. The company is serving investors from its offices at Sharjah Airport International Freezone and Dubai International Airport Freezone. Over the years, it has supported a huge number of multinational companies and investors to setup their base in the country.

“We adopt latest marketing strategies and disruptive technologies to reach investors in various countries and thus stay ahead in the services we do” said Syam P Prabhu, Founder and Managing Director. “Being a post-graduate in Law and having uptodate knowledge of latest laws touching the corporates, I am able to educate the investors prior to incorporation of companies.” he added.

The well-known consulting company is registered agent of 15 Freezones and two offshore jurisdictions in the UAE. It connects multinational companies, high-networth individuals and start-up companies to the Freezones.

“The professional experts have thorough knowledge about Value Added tax, AML/CFT, Economic Substances Regulations, Labour laws and proposed corporate tax related matters so that the investors feel educated and confident after a round of discussion with us.” said Maria Katrina Magtal, Legal Compliance officer at Aurion. The company has announced one year long celebrations and promotions for existing and new clients.

Having a diverse portfolio of services ranging from ISO Standards Certification Consulting, Trademark Registration, and Knowledge Management, Accounting & Book-Keeping, AURION provides unmatched business support solutions to the global investors.

It aims to provide value addition through specialized consulting and business advisory services. The company provides information of the latest updates happening in the corporate sector of the country.

AURION’s Services are focused towards enhancing the business productivity, improving quality of business operations, and reducing the operating cost for the entrepreneurs. Aurion strives to maintain top rank among Business Setup Consultants by adopting latest technologies and providing relentless customized solutions to investors around the globe.