Al Maryah
The British Standards Institution (BSI) is the national standards body of the United Kingdom Image Credit: Supplied

Al Maryah Community Bank (Mbank), the leading digital bank in the UAE, is the first bank in the world to receive the prestigious “International Digital Customer Experience” certification by the globally well-renowned accreditation body, the British Standards Institution (BSI), on the basis of complying with 353 out of 356 standards and scoring 97.25%.

The British Standards Institution (BSI) is the national standards body of the United Kingdom with a 100-year track record and 80,000 clients globally. BSI partnered with the International Customer Experience Institute (ICEI), a global organization dedicated to improving Customer Experience across all delivery channels and assisting organizations in achieving global best practices in Customer Experience Service Excellence, to independently certify organizations that meet the ‘International Digital Customer Experience Standards’.

The ‘International Digital Customer Experience Standards’ (IDCXS) is the first of its type in the world, and it enables organizations delivering services digitally to create Management system foundations and frameworks to address the challenges faced in delivering consistent and predictable customer service excellence across all the digital delivery channels. The Standard has 356 customer experience delivery criteria, and compliance to it ensures an organization's commitment to world-class customer experience. The primary aim of the IDCXS Standard is to motivate organizations to focus on the Digital Customer Experience by delivering service excellence techniques while taking into consideration the evolution of digital service offerings such as online, mobile, mobile apps, cloud services, omni channels, AI, IOT and other digital delivery technologies.

Al Maryah Community Bank stood out by achieving a worldwide top score of 97.25% by complying to 353 out of the 356 criteria! Mbank offers a set of safe, innovative, and fully integrated digital products and services through the bank’s application, including banking services, virtual cards, payments, products for minors and investment in public offerings in the country, in addition to self-services such as depositing checks digitally through mobile and printing out debit cards and checkbooks through Multi-Functional Kiosks (MFKs). Al Maryah Community Bank also uses the latest technologies and establishes strategic partnerships to enhance customer experiences, as it merged the process of opening bank accounts with the digital identity “UAEPass” or the Emirates ID. Thus, the process of opening bank accounts became seamless and can be done anywhere in the country in less than five minutes. Any type of company can now open a bank account fully digitally via the Mbank website in 6 simple steps with no minimum balance and no fees.

The Mbank customer experiences and process designs are all integrated and fully omnichannel; providing multiple choices to fulfill its service requirements by utilizing the support of secure, robust, and advanced artificial intelligence supported technologies to make its customer banking experience easy, fast, and fully integrated.

On this occasion, Mohammed Wassim Khayata, CEO of Al Maryah Community Bank, commented: “This is the greatest certification we have attained so far, and we are very proud of it! This certification is a testament that Mbank’s banking platform is of world-class standards, delivering the highest levels of Customer Digital Service Excellence experiences and allowing customers to bank anytime, anywhere, and anyhow they please through our self-service channels. Transparency when communicating with our customers is our driving factor, and measuring our customers’ voice is an ongoing process that allows us to assess and constantly improve our services to in-return improve our customers’ experiences through the Mbank UAE app and all other digital / self-service channels”.

He added: “I would like to thank the world’s best and independent certification body, The British Standards Institute, for their investment and time to assess Mbank’s digital customer experience aspects and for granting us the most prestigious certification accordingly. We are honored, and we promise to uphold this standard and work to not just maintain, but to score a 100% level of customer service delivery”.