Nazeer Aval has been recognised as one of the youngest Indian entrepreneurs in UAE Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Dubai based brand,, is now the fastest growing online platform in the country, accompanied by the tagline ‘Nothing Like Us, in Arabia,’ has acquired consumers and corporates all across the nation. The newly launched inhouse developed online e-commerce store established their digital presence on the internet no more than 7 months ago amidst the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. But along the lines they have managed to briskly build a start-up firm with an abode of in-house talented team of eCommerce Specialists, PR Managers, Content Writers, Designers, and Digital Campaign Managers.

Regardless of the hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, NutsArabia is successfully entering it’s first year in business. Most cyber based businesses by any means whatsoever pulled through the ongoing economic downturn. We spoke to the Co-Founder & CEO himself to give us an understanding and his view on how they beat the odds and pursue to escalate this small enterprise.

Nazeer Aval comments: “Digital business is the way forward and I’m very process oriented when it comes to anything digital; in order to instigate a start-up business quite efficiently, the key is to have the right systems in place properly integrated with each other to run the business smoothly. Honestly, the COVID-19 situation taught us on how to do more with less, we have used all our existing skills, assets and experience to build an online business from concept to go live, within a short span of couple of months.

My team, our Co-Founders and I are aspirants in growing a platform which emphasizes at providing high quality products paired with an exceptional customer experience with a professional last mile delivery system and post-sale customer care. Prioritizing our much-loved customers, our operations in the UAE offers fast, well organized, swift and precise executions when it comes to delivering our products the very next day across all nooks and corners of UAE.

NutsArabia being a 100% online eCommerce business with no in-store activities should be needing to focus on performance driven campaigns and social media rooted content creation. Digital Content is key and one of the main fundamentals in growing the business and to drive the sales up. Our marketing concepts are more emotionally driven than strategically quantified in this region, so it was essential to form a team that understands and considers this when suggesting new ideas to clients.

The usual traditional way of shopping is more tiresome, and impractical for customers. To find the traditional way of shopping from different offline stores for various items in the same category is also tiresome, costly and impractical for customers; not to mention that it often leads to non-quality products, products from previous crops or seasons. We aim to bridge this gap by offering a new online experience with large collections of variety of high-quality premium nuts and dried fruits as core category. We distinguish ourselves from competition by offering premium quality Gift boxes and hampers that are personalized based on both individual client need as well as for corporates supporting their marketing activities. We have recently added a complimentary category called “Cooking” which includes large collections of high quality spices, pulses and herbs.

Nazeer Aval has been recognized as one of the youngest Indian entrepreneurs in UAE and most influential in the IT landscape around self-made Entrepreneurs, runs Resemble Systems, Singapore based Software Solution provider, with offices in the Middle East; the NutsArabia Co-Founder adds: “COVID-19 has led Entrepreneurs to look for diversification using existing assets, brands to look twice about where they’re spending their money, and what ROI they’re generating from their marketing activities. Offering a transparent and clear business model with clear KPIs and milestones, enabled us to build trust and credibility in the market very quickly. We aim to build long-term partnerships with our consumers, hence why honesty is a must and that is why we guarantee both quality and “Price Match”. The majority of our clients are still strictly through referrals, while we are continuously investing in both above the line and below the line marketing activities.

My main role within the company is developing a strategy that is supported by technological advancement; while other 3 Co-founders who has more than 2 decades of experience in food industry and logistics, they are busy making sure quality products are reaching to our end consumer. I’m constantly looking for improving customer’s digital experience and have a vigorous feedback process with our customers. Being in the food industry means that our whole business also relies on the quality of our products, so it’s something we take very seriously. I’m lucky to be able to do what I love and work alongside an incredible group of talented people who each bring something valuable to our activities. The journey has been short and tough, but I wouldn’t trade that kind of experience for anything else in the world. I can confidently say that we are ready for what comes next.”