UAE Wills are done online at Legal Inz Image Credit: Supplied

The year 2020 forced many businesses to develop and rebuild concepts to accommodate the rising demand for online solutions.

“The pandemic caused a surge in demand for will drafting services as people were concerned about their loved ones in case of any uncertainty. Many individuals have been finding it difficult to visit law firms personally under the new norms. This is where we step in with our robust online solutions for will drafting," says Muhammad Tariq, Partner at Legal Inz.

Legal Inz is an online based legal service provider in the UAE. It has helped thousands of clients with its convenient and cost-effective online solution for will drafting. The will drafting and registration for DIFC and ADJD Wills can be done online through Legal Inz. Combining technology with a team of highly skilled lawyers, Legal Inz has a unique model that reduces overheads to provide the lowest cost for will drafting services in the UAE.

A will is an imperative document that ensures your assets are distributed amongst your chosen beneficiaries in the manner you desire after your demise. Non-Muslim expatriates with assets in the UAE now have legal certainty for the inheritance of their assets and the appointment of guardians for their children. If an individual passes away without a will, the distribution of their assets would be dependent on the inheritance rules of the domicile law, which may not reflect the wishes of the individual.

Shariah based inheritance law applies to the estate of everyone either residing in or having assets in the UAE. The law, however, respects the religious faith of everyone and provides an option to the non-Muslims to opt out from the application of the Shariah Law through a duly registered will. It is thus critical that non-Muslim expatriates understand the importance of a will in the UAE.

Here are the options for non-Muslims to register their Wills in the UAE:

Abu Dhabi Wills – These Wills are registered with the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department in Abu Dhabi.

DIFC Wills – These Wills are registered with the DIFC Wills Service Centre in Dubai.

The above options cover assets across all Emirates in the UAE. DIFC Wills, however, provide an option to non-Muslims to include their assets outside the UAE depending upon the enforceability of the DIFC Wills in the relevant jurisdiction.

You can now register your UAE will from the comfort of your home at https://www.legalinz.com/wills-for-uae-expats/ or dial 800 (Legal) 53425.