Sanjay Raghuraman
Sanjay Raghuraman wins a promotion to be Kalyan Jewellers' first CEO appointment. Image Credit: Kalyan Jewellers

Dubai: Kalyan Jewellers has appointed its first CEO, Sanjay Raghuraman, after earlier being the chief operating officer. The India retailer also expanded the board of directors.

“With an aim to continue expanding the company’s footprint to cater to newer audiences, we are confident that our enhanced team will take us to newer horizons and achieve bigger milestones, despite the challenges in the new COVID-19 era,” said T. S. Kalyanaraman, Chairman and Managing Director.

Raghuraman joined Kalyan Jewellers in 2012, when the company began its “accelerated growth” strategy by expanding operations outside of South India. He was the head of operations at HDB Financial Services Limited prior to joining Kalyan Jewellers.

Two of the new board appointees are independent directors. The company already has four in such roles, but with banking and financial sector expertise. With the two appointments, the board will include both retail and marketing expertise.