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Fruitful Day did not let the pandemic disrupt operations. It kept adding to its client base using social media channels. (Image used for illustrative purposes.) Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Dubai: The healthy snacking company, Fruitful Day, has had two consecutive funding rounds and mopping up more than Dh3 million. The company collaborated with crowdfunding platform Eureeca in the process, which helped bring on board more than 40 new investors.

The company started operations in Dubai in 2015 and extensively tapped social media channels to grow a user base. Marie-Christine Luijckx, Managing Partner of Fruitful Day, said: "Investors were attracted by the strength of the brand and the resilience of the business to COVID-19, as we were able to significantly grow our home segment and introduce new products to our customers. Despite the obvious headwinds, we have been able to maintain our growth story."

Fruitful Day - which is introducing a healthier alternative to ice-cream focused on high-quality fresh fruits and unique flavours - will use the new funds to focus on expansion.

The Head of Investor Relations for Eureeca, Siddarth Dalamal, said: "It was particularly insightful to be conducting the raise whilst the pandemic started, as we were able to see how quickly the team were able to react and switch their focus from B2B to B2C home deliveries."