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The wait time for physical documents for submission has been eliminated. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Customs completed 585,000 claim requests during the first-half of 2021, up by 10 per cent compared to 2020. Value of claims rendered to clients reached Dh3.5billion, up 6 per cent.

“Claim and Refund department has performed well, reflecting a strong economic recovery in the local market and trade activity in Dubai,” said Mohammed Al Hashmi, Director of Claim and Refund department. “Our Smart Claim and Refund system is the first of its kind in the world and can handle more than 2 million requests annually, which is translated into more than 5,000 requests a day.

“This is very beneficial to Dubai Customs and to the clients alike. We are the first customs department at the GCC level to provide electronic refund of duty deposits.”

In the electronic settlement (makasa) system, 37,349 claims for transferred duty charges were registered, with a value of Dh273million.

The initiative eases the process of refund claims submission at Dubai Customs, saves time and cost, while further expediting the exports of all kinds of goods. Customers can now submit refund claims immediately after loading vessels’ departure.

The wait time for physical documents for submission has been eliminated.

Quick closing of these claims provide the companies with the liquidity they need to facilitate and manage their activities. All applications can be tracked using the mobile phone.