The film The Other Side has received global attention Image Credit: Supplied

What is a direct reflection of the UAE’s sterling possibilities in filmmaking? A A film production company in Dubai - The Company Films - has garnered global attention with a series produced by them for Abu Dhabi Media called ‘The Other Side'. One that is making waves at prestigious international film awards festivals.

This 15-episode short docu-series for Abu Dhabi Media Directed by Rajeev Thottippully was based on the expatriate community in the UAE. It mined a simple human insight: that there is more to an expatriate’s life in the UAE than just earning money. The idea was to break the stereotypical notions about how expatriates live in the UAE. The Emirates has always been a home to millions of expatriates, who have enjoyed a safe, secure life, with ample income and comforts. However, to the outside world, this meant that people here only pursued money and not happiness - which was the crux that this series wished to bring out in a different light.

“Fifteen stories, 15 journeys, 15 films is what we have tried to showcase with these incredible people”, says Rajeev Thottippully, Founder and Director of The Company Films, “and we hope that by discovering the other side of these individuals, we can inspire many more UAE expatriates to go beyond the normal.”

Widely acclaimed and lauded, the docu-series has gone on to receive widespread international recognition - across more than 50 of the most prestigious global Film Awards Festivals. This includes being featured in the ‘Official Selection’ at 30+ Festivals and as the ‘Award Winner’ at 20+ Festivals. Some of these prestigious names include the Florence Film Awards, ARFF Amsterdam, Los Angeles Movie Awards, New York Movie Awards, and many more. These are not just feathers in the cap of The Company Films Dubai, but also markers of excellence in the annals of UAE filmmaking.

In a post-pandemic world, the UAE has been at the forefront of its fight against Covid-19. It is also one of the first countries to open again for filmmaking. A new chapter of success now awaits, with global filmmakers and production houses looking to partner and collaborate with the top video production companies in Dubai - a coming together of creative forces. All this with all safety protocols in place, to bring out innovative content that breaks conventional filmmaking approaches.

Indeed, it’s time to discover ‘The Other Side’ to make films in the UAE, from the UAE.