Lindsay Wakefield, Commercial Director of Mezzan Holding
Lindsay Wakefield, Commercial Director of Mezzan Holding, believes consumers in the Gulf will acquire a taste for the new brand. Production will be at Mezzan-owned Khazan's Halal facility in Sharjah. Image Credit: Mezzan Holding

Dubai: Is there space for yet another hotdog brand to win for itself some shelf space in the Gulf markets?

This is where the American label, Nathan’s Famous, reckons it will have an edge. The brand has been around for 100 years, and it will have its own production capacity in the UAE.

The latter comes from an alliance struck with Kuwait’s Mezzan Holding and its food process subsidiary Khazan’s Halal. The hotdogs will be put together at Khazan’s Sharjah facility.

“The brand will be distributed via our subsidiaries in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait,” said Lindsay Wakefield, Commercial Director at Mezzan Holding. “Production will be taking place at Khazan Meat Factory in Sharjah that produces over 150 SKUs (stock keeping unit).

But would that instantly mean easy access to prime locations at stores? And more importantly, get shoppers’ attention?

“Consumers are always looking for something new and Nathan’s Famous has a very strong heritage in the US,” the spokesperson added. “To have the brand locally available will allow consumers to experience the flavor of New York in the UAE and the region.

“All of the recipes have been approved by Nathan's team and are prepared in accordance with the highest Halal standards.”

Apart from food processing, Mezzan’s interests extend to consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and distribution.