Mohamed Al Ansari, Chairman of Al Ansari Exchange and FERG Image Credit: Supplied

As a leading exchange company under the supervision and regulation of the Central Bank of the UAE, we take this opportunity to congratulate the institution on its 40th anniversary. The Central Bank has been vital in promoting financial control, monetary stability, efficiency and resilience in the country’s financial system, as well as protecting consumers through the issuance of sound policies and effective supervision that supports economic growth for the benefit of the UAE and its people.

It played a key role in mitigating the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on private corporates, small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals by implementing necessary measures within its Targeted Economic Support Scheme.

Since the opening of its first branch in Abu Dhabi in 1966, Al Ansari Exchange has made huge strides and has progressed to emerge as one of the largest and most popular exchange houses in the UAE. Our accomplishments would not have been possible without the robust structures put in place by the Central Bank of the UAE over the past four decades.

We take this opportunity to wish the Central Bank of the UAE all the success in achieving its mission to support the country’s economic and financial stability, progress and growth for decades to come.