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What is OmniClouds, and what makes it unique from other cloud providers?

Conventionally, we had telephone operators and system integrators that integrate the system to provide service for us. Then there were cloud service providers who would give shared technology for us to operate in the cloud. OmniClouds augments these systems and providers, providing all these services together, known as a digital service provider.

We started in the Gulf, commencing in the UAE and spreading across the Middle East and Africa, helping customers reach the cloud and connecting clients to each other, using standard conventional infrastructure and closely collaborating with incumbent telecom operators, with no initial investment. This makes it most effective in times of change and a shared economy.

As an industry pioneer in cloud computing solutions, how do you read the evolution of the UAE market and where OmniClouds stands in the scheme of things?

The UAE has been at the forefront of challenging the norms and adapting innovative technologies in these new market and economic trends regionally and globally. And these are tested with the existence of pandemics and regional changes in general, wherein you will always find the UAE most adaptable to change and most successful in arriving at the winners finish line always.

The current challenges have been a blessing for a lot of industries, especially for technology businesses. OmniClouds grew around 40 to 50 times in this pandemic, helping companies and people turn their capital expenditure into different technology and a reasonable, rational regional-based model.

What are the latest sectoral breakthroughs, how successful have you been in introducing these trends to UAE markets?

The UAE market is advanced in terms of technology services. We managed to partner with operators here, where small businesses and home users will experience unprecedented Internet quality and in the applications they use. These include entertainment, education, or business applications, all for a nominal monthly recurring charge.

What is SASE, how is it an efficient cybersecurity tool?

SASE is a secured service that comes in as a software-defined technology that will eventually replace VPN - point to point connection. VPN presents encryption but also a threat because it has leakage of information. When you are 10 people, you will have to make around 30 VPNs to be connected. With SASE, you download onto your laptop or PC and it gives you a full mini to mini secure connection to peers using the same service, on the run, on the street, at home, or office. It’s local in the country, making it secure and legally compliant, and that’s the revolution itself.

Cloud computing is in a rapid state of evolution. Heading a vibrant organisation, how do you see yourselves driving the brand’s fortunes in the next couple of years?

Shared computing or shared resources of technology will be the norm over the next two to three years, which means buying a server will be history. A cloud is a form of servers, computers, and resources that allows people to share and use when they need it and don’t pay for it when they are not using it. It means a vast improvement in your operational expenses and efficiency, helping grow the company and economy.

What are your future goals?

We are operating globally, but we see that the Internet is either very expensive or not very good in the Middle East and Africa, where we work the most. We are helping by providing our technology to countries in the MENA, where they can enjoy speeds of 10, 50 to 100 Meg with no investment at all, just a monthly recurring charge. It’s helping the education sector, where we see ourselves having millions of subscribers over the next 24 to 48 months.