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Please share a brief history of your brand and why you decided to set up base in the UAE?

AJMS Global Consulting (AJMS) is a Super Brand specialising in providing niche consulting propositions to clients in the service verticals of GRC, Technology, Tax and Management Consulting with a number of sub-service lines (Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT), IFRS, Risk, Internal Audit, Fin/Reg/InsureTech, VAT, ESG, Strategy, HR, etc).

As its Founder and Group CEO, I can firmly attest to the fact that AJMS Network presents some of the best brains in the fields of banking, regulation, auditing and legal advisory. Headquartered here in the UAE, we operate full-member firms in Bahrain, Oman, Jordan and India, with affiliates in Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, and UK. AJMS Global has MOUs and working relationships with regulators and national level industry associations in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and other GCC countries. The brand takes pride in being a world-class GRC Advisory.

The reason for setting up headquarters in the UAE is that this country offers the most congenial environment to do business in the region. It is convenient to bring the intelligentsia of the world due to the nation’s supportive policies.

Please share a message to the Nation as it celebrates the 50th year of its founding during the National Day celebrations on December 2.

Being part of such a progressive and futuristic society such as the UAE, we reiterate upon the collective vision of changing the world around us in such a manner that everyone feels empowered. We also emphasise on the spirit of global citizenship and refer to the famous UAE slogan: Everyone is responsible.

As a country, we have reached the outer rims of Mars. But as global citizens representing the UAE, it is of eminent importance that our voyage to a more sociable, greener and sustainable Earth meets its destiny.

In your capacity as the head of the brand, how has your firm contributed towards the sector, and the growth of the UAE?

AJMS Global has raised awareness on a massive scale in the areas of AML/CFT, sustainability and financial inclusion, and has been recognised in the region for its efforts through awards and accolades.

We have raised awareness through our RegTech subsidary (Digi) and also created resonance on the far reaching implications of IFRS 17 through our InsureTech subsidiary (AInsurTech), which has been well received by policy making echelons.

One of the most appreciated contributions, we have made to the UAE financial landscape, is mass-scale awareness raising for Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions, or DNFBPs, which include real estate, precious commodities, corporate service providers, independent accountants, etc, which was done in a closely knit working relationship with the regulators. The efforts of AJMS Global brought about a cultural change in the financial market to curb financial crime and instill enhanced governance and transparency. In fact, we have received multiple awards, accolades, and letters of felicitation issued to the credit of AJMS Global.

AJMS Global has also effected a number of awareness campaigns on financial inclusion, digital transformation and sustainability. In collaboration with partners we have also launched a tool to enable organizations to undertake sustainability analysis and reporting, and thus positioned ourselves as a flagbearer in the UAE of these much talked about global initiatives.

We could not have done it by ourselves. We are thankful to the various stakeholders, including our human capital, customers and supervisory bodies, who have facilitated and supported us in these corporate social responsibility initiatives, especially InfiniTech (our FinTech subsidiary) which is promoting financial literacy for the unbanked.

In keeping with its remarkable achievements over the last five decades, how do you visualise the progress of the UAE over the next 50 years, and what is your personal message to the UAE entrepreneurial community?

Thanks to the vision and commitment of the nation’s founding fathers and the UAE leadership, over the last five decades, the UAE has transformed, beyond a doubt, into a leading economy of and a benchmark society for the world. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have achieved the undisputed status of being considered amongst the world’s top business capitals long ago. At this pace, we would not be surprised if this country becomes one of the most powerful influencers on global geopolitical dynamics in the next 50 years. My advice, therefore, to our thriving entrepreneurial community is to stay on board the success wagon as it journeys to new realms of grandeur.