The new Mashreq identity launched on Wednesday. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai-based lender Mashreq unveiled a new brand identity on Wednesday.

‘Rise every day’, splashed in deep orange below the six-petal logo, is the bank’s way of telling its customers it’s there with them throughout their journeys as go about achieving successes in life.

While the new logo retains the Mashreq flare icon, it has removed the blue and has “doubled down on the sunrise orange colour palette”, Mashreq said.

“Soaring inflation, new trade barriers and an ever-changing economy have redefined our daily lives, and we as bankers have a new role to play. Change is fundamental, and it’s what has defined our new identity,” said Mashreq Chairman Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair as he unveiled the new slogan.

MASHREQ Abdulaziz Al Ghurair
Mashreq Chairman Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Image Credit: Supplied

“Rise Every Day is a statement of intent that exemplifies where Mashreq has come from and where it is going in the context of today’s rapidly changing and ever more complex digital world. I understand from my own journey over several decades that to create a brand that truly makes a difference by giving people the tools they need to realise their dreams – each of us needs to rise every day. When we rise to the challenge, we put in the hard work, we disrupt the status quo and lay down the grit to experience the glory.”

Ahmed Abdelaal, Mashreq’s Group CEO, highlighted how the past year of uncertainty and the pandemic taught the bank about its own resilience, helping it “evolve from being just a banking partner to an enabler of success”.

“The new brand positioning comes at a very crucial moment for us as we lead the evolution of digital finance and the wider digital economy through the innovation and deployment of truly transformational platforms and solutions. The new identity reflects our new direction that aims at building deeper and more personalised connections with our customers and partners. The principles behind Rise Every Day come from Mashreq’s belief in building better lives and livelihoods through hard work and innovation. Our core focus is to challenge the status quo, inspire our customers and build a banking-as-a-service ecosystem fit for the digital economy - a framework that encourages every customer to Rise Every Day to realise their dreams.”

Mashreq’s operating income increased by 15 per cent over the previous year to Dh3.3 billion in H1 2022. Its operating profit stood at Dh1.9 billion, a 17 per cent increase compared to H1 2021.