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Taking control over your finances and making decisions on companies or markets is risky business and only a few have an appetite for it.

Learning to invest is like learning a new language. It’s easy to get lost or feel overwhelmed – that’s why you need a professional on your side. Citigold's brokerage and advisory services are designed to support you right through your wealth journey.

Here are the top eight reasons why it’s the best fit for you.

A 360-degree view of your wealth

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Regularly reviewing your financial situation is a good idea even if your life doesn’t seem hectic or eventful — in fact, that could be the best time to sit down and do a thorough 360-degree review. Your Citigold Relationship Manager will have an in-depth conversation to understand your current financial position, goals and needs and determine the suitable investment portfolio for you. A talented team of advisors with their combined efforts and capabilities – including insurance and treasury specialists – keep a close eye on client portfolios throughout the year.

Market research on the go

You can stay updated on key global market developments and Citi's house views on the latest headlines. Find out what's trending through the bank’s comprehensive market research reports and in-depth monthly articles on hot topics. In short, they will do the analysis legwork so you don’t have to.

Daily market reports

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As a Citigold customer you will get daily market reports so that you remain updated on highlights and forecasts for key currencies. You will also be made aware of any volatility and growing trends – along with the short-term and long-term performance of various markets and regions, so you can make canny investments. Knowledge is power as they say.

Regular portfolio reviews

Over time, it’s inevitable that both your personal circumstances and market conditions will change, therefore regular portfolio reviews will offer peace of mind. All Citigold Relationship Managers are selected based on financial advisory, investment knowledge and dedication and will make sure customers are on the right track in terms of their objectives.

Invest across the globe

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The rapid globalisation of markets has opened a world of opportunities to investors. Whether you're looking for a truly global investment strategy or insights into the latest market developments, Citigold’s brokerage and advisory service will help you tap into wealth-building opportunities from around the world. You can trade stocks listed on the US exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX) and UCITS ETFs listed on the following exchanges: Paris (France), Xetra (Germany), LSE (United Kingdom) and the US (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX).

Citigold long-term investments

There is a saying in finance: time in the market is better than timing the market. When looking at long-term investments your Citigold Relationship Manager will guide you through options such as fixed income securities – aka bonds, or mutual funds. Investing in bonds will potentially help you secure a steady income and an opportunity for capital appreciation. On the other hand, mutual funds are professionally managed investment vehicles that pool capital from many investors to invest in multiple stocks, bonds and other securities. They can be traded online 24x7 at Citi Online at competitive prices.

Consolidated portfolio views

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A consolidated portfolio view is a view across a selection of portfolios. The management of complex investment portfolios can be time-consuming, therefore Citigold Relationship Bonds, mutual funds, and equities are displayed under one brokerage account to provide a consolidated view of your portfolio.

Invest as little as $100 – from the comfort of home

You can open Citi Investment accounts and start trading mutual funds and securities online from the comfort of your home through Citi Online. Plus, systematic investment plans allow customers to invest in mutual funds on a monthly basis automatically with an amount as little as $100.

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