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FM workers are out there at any point of the time and day to ensure no disruption of essential services. Their contributions should not be underestimated. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

It is no secret that Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on everyone.

Governments are taking different measures to contain the spread of the virus and save lives.

While these actions vary from one country to another, common protocols revolve around raising awareness on personal hygiene, enforcing and promoting social distancing, widespread sanitisation and disinfection drives, and even complete lockdowns to curb the curve.

Most industries have been working remotely, not working at all, or working in critical sectors to control the spread of the virus, treat those who are infected or service people under partial lockdowns.

While facilities management staff have always had an important role in the real estate value chain, today, they also serve as front line workers actively deep cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising spaces to protect residents, their families and communities.

Doing our bit

It has been advised by local and global health authorities that implementing good hygiene, disinfection and sanitisation practices are key to combating the virus. As facilities management professionals, we are compelled to play our part and offer our expertise to help control the spread of the virus.

As such, disinfection and sanitisation services have become a critical element in the fight against Covid-19 to ensure people’s homes, offices and other assets are safe. More people rely on us as facilities management professionals and we have a tremendous responsibility to make sure we deliver.

With the rapid rise in demand for professional cleaning, sanitisation and disinfection, companies need to be ready to take on more jobs than they did in normal circumstance. We should be able to respond immediately to people’s needs.


For facilities management companies, people have always been their driving force and that’s why we must make sure we take care of our people, their health and safety at all times. This includes regular disinfection and sanitisation of workers’ accommodation and buses as well as daily staff health checks and raising awareness among all, including drivers, on necessary safety and precautionary measures.

These include hygiene protocols from the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention and the World Health Organisation.

Complying with all regulatory guidelines from local governments and health authorities has also proven key in these times.

Facilities management staff should also follow strict sanitisation procedures before and after any personal contact, after any activity that contaminates hands, and after proper use and disposal of coverall personal protective equipment (PPE).

We always need to remember to give our staff regular interval breaks to rest and re-energise, check their temperatures periodically, and if possible, provide immune system supporting food and beverages rich in vitamins and minerals to help keep them healthy.

Train, upskill and empower. The lessons we learn today are helping us stay safe and will undoubtedly contribute to our industry’s growth in the future. We believe if we all play our part, we can win the fight against Covid-19 and emerge stronger.

— Abdullah Al Wahedi is CEO of Khidmah.