Can my landlord evict me over a phone call or WhatsApp?
Whether it is on property listings or any other process in local real estate, the emphasis is on transparency. This applies to tenant-landlord dealings too. Image Credit: Pexels

As a tenant in Dubai, it’s as important to have the contact details of the landlord – or of their representatives - at hand at all times. Because what’s happening is that there are many absentee landlords who let out their properties to third-party companies to do the leasing, upkeep, and liaise with the tenant.

Even then, tenants need to have the reassurance of being able to directly approach the landlords. These are three important checkpoints for every tenant in Dubai before signing the agreement.

How is the property being managed?

Most tenants don’t realize that renting properties that fall under a professional property management company makes their life much easier during the term of the rental agreement. As they get a clear one point of contact for any kind of issues, including, but not limited to, property handover on first entry, payments, maintenance issues, emergency maintenance, preventative maintenance, insurance, legal claims, rental value adjustment on contract renewal and any kind of notices tenants wish to serve.

Is there a dedicated maintenance company assigned by landlord?

Whether there is or not, it is really important for tenants to understand if the landlord has a maintenance contract with a professional maintenance company. And if so, what does the maintenance contract cover?

Tenant’s and landlord’s contact details

These shall be accurately mentioned on the Ejari contract. In many cases, tenants don’t pay enough attention to the importance of ensuring that they have an official contact detail for the landlord or landlord’s representatives such as property managers.

Moreover, it is equally important to ensure that tenant’s contact details are mentioned on the Ejari contracts and the KYC forms too. In case the landlord wants to reach out to them.

In general, it is the right of the real estate agent not to disclose any contact details for any of the parties until there is an official booking signed by both tenants and landlords. Following this, real estate agents prepare the lease agreement followed by the official Ejari contract.

The situation is much easier when tenants are renting properties that fall under a professional property management company, whether owned by the property owner, or a third-party company. That is why experienced tenants always check the terms of the agreement with regard to contract renewal, maintenance, and property handover.

In 2022 the rental market became more transparent than ever before in Dubai. Today’s tenants and landlords can access the actual rental prices as per Ejari contracts for any properties in Dubai, residential or commercial. All they have to do is to log into, enter the project and the property details, to access not just the last signed Ejari contract (price and lease term) but also the entire history of all the Ejari contracts that were ever signed for that particular unit.

Transparency is what should underscore each process involved in a transaction, whether to lease or own a property.