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Al Seer Marine, the Abu Dhabi-based manufacturer of unmanned surface vessels, has signed a strategic partnership with world-renowned autonomous system developer, L3Harris to deliver autonomous capabilities in the region's maritime sector.

Bringing Al Seer Marine’s vessel design, manufacture and integration expertise alongside L3Harri’s autonomous control system capability, the partnership is well equipped to offer industry-leading unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) to the region.

Modernising the industry

The recently signed partnership forms part of the growing trend of unmanned systems which are modernising the maritime industry.

Al Seer Marine offers multi-mission, modular USVs in a range of sizes and complexity involving surface and sub- surface technologies. The integrated ASView control system uses artificial intelligence to execute advanced autonomous navigation with collision avoidance capability.

Al Seer Marine manufactures platforms for various roles including firefighting, search and rescue as well as hydrographic survey and security patrols.

Pioneer in unmanned technology

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Image Credit: Copyright of Al Seer Marine

With a vision to modernise the maritime industry in the region, Al Seer Marine began the development on its first USV prototype in 2011. This continually evolving program has gone through several iterations culminating in field-ready USV products that are available today.

In the wider region, Al Seer Marine also recently formed a partnership with the Saudi Arabian Advanced Electronics Company (AEC).

Al Seer Marine’s core capabilities are in the design, manufacture, integration, training and maintenance of USV platforms, providing a full through-life support package as a complete capability provider.

It provides technology focused capabilities that incorporate the latest in artificial intelligence into its USVs, producing new and intuitive ideas for the platforms of the future for maritime safety and security.