If you just didn’t have enough time to plan your child’s costumes, snag these items from Amazon right now and get ready to play dress-up on October 31. Image Credit: Shutterstock

The spookiest day of the year is almost here and it’s time for your favourite monsters, ghosts (and even princesses and superheroes) to make an appearance. Make the trick-or-treat experience for your children a tad more fun, with epic Halloween costumes. If you just didn’t have enough time to plan your child’s costumes, snag these items from Amazon right now and get ready to play dress-up on October 31. If you’re a member, Amazon’s Prime Delivery will ship your favourite costume just in time for Halloween. Order now and avoid the last-minute panic.

1. AM ANNA The Spiderverse Kids Bodysuit 

Turn your kid into “friendly neighbourhood Spiderman” this Halloween with this superhero bodysuit. Recreate Peter Parker’s signature outfit and let your little one be the local superhero of the day.

2. Rubie's Batman Costume 

It is never too early to start training for a life of a superhero. Upon wearing the Batman costume, your little munchkin becomes the hero your home “deserves” and “needs” (to rephrase James Gordon’s quote). Watch the other kids on the block wearing costumes of ghouls, goblins, and jokers run and hide from your little one.

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3. Born Toys Police Hat and Toys (11 pieces)

Have your kids patrol the Halloween party this year with this cop costume. The costume set comes with a police hat, flashlight, walkie-talkie with siren sounds, a toy gun, baton, badge, handcuffs with keys, whistle, gun, name card with a necklace, and a detective-style storage bag. Put on a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt for your little one and watch them flaunt their badge this Halloween.

4. BrilliantMagic Kids Magician Role Play Set 

Get entertained by the cutest little magician this Halloween. This magician role-play set comes with a cape, rabbit puppet, top hat with a hidden compartment (to make the rabbit disappear, of course), a magic wand, coloured ribbons, and gloves. Hand your child a wand to swish and say "Abracadabra"!

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5. Fairytale & Storybook Costume For Girls 

Let your little princess live her own fairytale this Halloween with this Snow Queen dress. Whether she wants to be Cinderella, Rapunzel, or Elsa from Frozen, this dainty costume can be made to fit your little girl’s fantasies, as it comes with a tiara, magic wand, wig, and gloves. Designed from comfortable satin material, mesh, and delicate tulle, this dress has beautiful patterns all over for a grand look. Get this for your little one and watch her twirl in her sparkly dress.

6. Halloween Witch Pumpkin Bag Set

Witches are supposed to scare you because you don’t know what kinds of evil shenanigans they have up their sleeve. But what if your little one dresses up as a witch this Halloween? You can’t help but think how adorably cute she looks with a pointed hat and cloak. Her little cauldron is not brewing evil potions, rather collecting treats from neighbours. Get this Halloween Witch Pumpkin Bag Set that comes with a flashy cloak, a matching wizard hat, and a pumpkin bag for your little girl. As an extra accessory, give your child a broom for all her bewitched travels.

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7. Mumoo Bear Double-sided Kids Superman Mask and Cape 

If your kid is indecisive about dressing up as strong Superman or lightning-fast Flash this Halloween, this double-sided superhero cape is the best idea. The cape is made of satin, has an easy velcro neck strap set up, and a felt mask with elasticated band to wear over the eyes. Ideal for kids over 3 years and above.

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