From using flocked trees to creating elaborate entranceways, discover all the Christmas trends you could follow this year, below. Image Credit: Shutterstock

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and there’s no better place to begin the festivities than right at home. As 2022 winds down, and you begin Christmas preparations, consider the next few days to be the perfect time to refresh your home décor, by adding a dash of holiday magic.

But if you’re wondering whether you should stick to the same, tried-and-tired decorations as last year, we’d advise you to think out of the box. Dubai-based interior designer Janet Waite, who runs her own design company, Seasons by Design, has some tips that will help you nail festive styling this season.

With her guidance, and global trends that are shaping year-end celebrations this year, we take you through some of our favourite festive items on Amazon that appeal to all budgets. By becoming a Prime member, you can get your goods delivered to you the very next day.

1. Christmas tree theme: Jewels, candyland or a return to Nature

Use snow-dusted trees this winter, at Christmas. Image Credit: Unsplash/Jonathan Borba

Let’s start with the Christmas tree, which is likely going to be the centre of focus in your living room in the coming season. Waite said there are three big tree trends doing the rounds this year. First, you can jazz your tree up with faux jewels – specifically, large, emerald-cut jewels in the tree. Or, you could go for a candyland theme by incorporating this year’s most popular colour – pink. Waite said: “Peppermint has been a huge trend this year, added in with some gingerbread. You could recreate a pastel candyland [in your tree], with lots of pinks, in the form of candy canes, lollipops and cupcakes.”

And finally, those who are not interested in either, could opt for a return to Nature, by using florals and natural elements in their tree. Waite suggested including tastefully placed berries, pampas grass, and twigs to fulfill this theme’s requirements. Flocked or snow-covered trees are also making a comeback this year, so you could consider adding a touch of wintery faux snow to your magical Christmas tree.

2. Christmas tree ornaments

Ditch smaller ornaments for bigger, bolder baubles. Image Credit: Unsplash/Sandra Seitamaa

In terms of ribbons, baubles and other elements you’d like to use in the tree, Waite recommends using a discerning eye. She said: “Ribbons are very important in the tree, but they need to be placed in with style. Create drapes in various directions rather than wrapping the ribbon completely around the tree – that is very out of date. Instead of using smaller ornaments, be bold – use large baubles and unexpected elements. Place them in a zig-zag pattern on the tree to draw the eye to its different parts. And don’t use tinsel ever – it’s overdone and out of date. For a classy tree, use beads, ribbons, crystals instead.”

But before all of this, make sure you fluff out your tree when you remove it from the box. Waite said not spending time fluffing out tree branches is one of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating: “It can take at least an hour on a big tree to fluff and fill in all the gaps, and shape the tree.” And it makes all the difference.

3. Warm lighting

String lights and candles add a charming ambience to your home. Image Credit: Unsplash/Zagranyasha Qu

One easy way of sprucing up both the interior and exterior of your home is by adding lighting. Fairy lights do the job well, and you can use them on the Christmas tree, too. Waite advised: “Use warm white lights – at least 100 lights per foot of tree.” Add candles of varying sizes to your decor, as well, and you'll find that the effect is warm, inviting and enchanting. And when you’re lighting the outdoors, make sure you use solar string lights that are waterproof – they practically take care of themselves and require minimal maintenance once placed.

4. Nature-inspired décor

Use Nature-inspired elements all around your house, and even for table decor. Image Credit: Unsplash/Libby Penner

Extend the Nature trend to the rest of your house by adding lush greens in various forms and textures. Use traditional wreaths, with rich scents and striking colours, on your doors, add plants to your interiors, fluff up olive cushions on the couch, and hang vintage green lanterns by the window. The theme works beautifully when you're working on table decor, as well. Waite said: "It’s all about layering and textures. Fabrics, candles in various sizes and materials from trees are ideal for table decor."

5. Festive doorscaping

christmas door
Go all out with decorating your front door for an Instagrammable Christmas moment. Image Credit: Unsplash/Sebastian Coman Photography

Up your curb appeal with the doorscaping trend that’s all about creating Instagrammable door displays. Many people are choosing to spend a great deal of time, this year, ensuring the décor on and around their front door is impeccable, much to the delight of passersby and neighbours. Use garlands, wreaths, door ornaments and illuminated decorations that suit your style, while helping you create a festive entry way.

6. Sustainability

wrapping paper
From gift wrapping paper to tree and window decorations, we can make more sustainable choices. Image Credit: Unsplash/Mel Poole

In an age where we're growing more conscious about our impact on the environment, we're extending that same spirit to festivals and special occasions. The focus, this Christmas, is on using products that have eco-credentials, and selecting ornaments that have only reusable or biodegradable materials. In terms of decorations, consider handcrafted options, like recycled glass baubles or papier mâché decorations that you can hang up along your window, or a cardboard Christmas village set. At your dinner table this Christmas, focus on recycled glassware, and use stoneware dinner sets rather than disposable cutlery. And when you’re wrapping gifts, go for craft wrapping paper for its traditional, handmade – and eco-friendly – appeal.

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