Check out our grocery picks for some last-minute Ramadan shopping. Image Credit: Supplied

While people flock to grocery stores for Ramadan essentials, you can shop on Amazon, instead, from the comfort of your home. Use our list of bestselling food items to prepare for iftar and suhoor, well before the month arrives. And keep the pantry stocked throughout Ramadan by auto-scheduling deliveries using Subscribe and Save. You can also get these items delivered to you the next day via Prime.

1. Rahma, Refined Olive Pomace Oil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 4L

Opting for a balanced diet this Ramadan? Then you might consider pan frying your iftar snacks and cooking your dinner in extra virgin olive oil. Pressed from the freshest Mediterranean olives, Rahma's 4-litre tin of Spanish oil is trans fat- and cholestrol-free. Olive oil is touted for its healthy properties like vitamin E, which boosts immunity in the body as an antioxidant. Add it to hummus, drizzle it over your salad; its unique flavour will make suhoors a tastier affair.

2. Tang Tropical Flavoured Juice, 2 kg

Replenish your vitamin C intake with Tang’s tropical flavoured juice after breaking fast. Mix the powder into a jug full of cold water and serve with ice to chase away the heat. This 2kg tub is bound to last you throughout Ramadan, giving you 16 litres of tropical juice.

3. Knorr Packet Soup Cream of Chicken - 54 gm (Pack of 12)

Knorr’s creamy chicken soup, made of 100 per cent natural herbs, vegetables and spices, is the best way to warm up your stomach for heavier meals later in the day. With no preservatives and artificial colourants, this healthy and tasty appetiser prepares in just 10 minutes. You get 12 packets in this bundle deal, with each serving four in the family.

4. Bayara Majdoul Dates, 500g

Still haven’t decided on which dates will make it to the table? Try Bayara’s Majdoul or Medjool dates in a 500g pack that are bigger and sweeter than most varieties. They come packed with nutritional benefits and natural sugars, giving your body a much-needed energy boost after fasting.

5. Hamdard Rooh Afza Bottle, 800 ml

Rather than juice, should you wish to refresh with water instead, add a dollop of Rooh Afza and stir. Long known as the classic drink for the month of Ramadan, the red syrup is a concentrated mixture of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. Aside from water, it has equally cooling properties when mixed in cold milk with ice.

6. Al Baker, Chakki Fresh Atta Flour, 10kg

For suhoor this year, opt for a healthier flat bread alternative with Al Baker’s whole wheat flour. Its authentic, stone-ground grain, milled right here in the UAE, keeps the roti soft for six hours. This is a 10kg bag of Chakki Atta flour, guaranteed to last Ramadan.

7. Alpro Almond, 1L, Pack of 6, White

If your Ramadan resolution is to eat clean and healthy, then you might want Alpro's plant-based almond milk in your cart. Dairy milk can sometimes cause indigestion, cramps and bloating for those who are lactose intolerant. With this alternative, not only do you get to enjoy milk-based beverages worry-free, but you also get to indulge in nuttier, creamier coffee and shakes. Alpro uses lightly roasted Mediterranean in its formula, so it's naturally low in fat, sugars, and a good source of vitamins D and B12, fortified with calcium. Snag the six 1-litre carton bundle for a discounted price today.

8. Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee, 200g

Then what of the coffee? Grab a 200g bottle of Nescafe's gold instant coffee with a price slash. You'll be sipping on roasted Arabica beans from the highlands, which hold a strength intensity of seven on the coffee scale - meaning the cuppa is full of rich flavours. Prepare this aromatic coffee for iftar guests or for yourself when suhoor calls for meal prep at dawn.

9. Mumtaz Classic Long Grain Basmati Rice, 5kg, White

Save on your regular purchase of rice with this 5kg Mumtaz rice bag that's currently on sale. This long grain, sweet-smelling rice originates in Pakistan, and there's no doubt it's going to add flavour and elegance to your iftars and suhoors during Ramadan.

10. evian Mineral Water, 500ml (Case of 24)

Don't forget to hydrate in Ramadan, as your water intake is bound to reduce over the fasting period. This case of 24 500ml bottles of fresh mineral water, right from the French Alps, is the refreshing boost you need at iftar every day. Stock up while the case is on sale!

11. Cashews Raw, Jumbo, 5g

Whether you plan to use cashews in your butter chicken, sheer khurma, or just pop it in your mouth as a tasty snack, this jumbo-sized packet of cashews will see you through to satisfaction. Cashews are rich in anti-oxidants and a good source of heart-healthy fatty acids!

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