Auto vandalism
A man has been arrested for vandalizing over 600 vehicles in Bavaria, Germany. Image Credit: Shutterstock

A 26-year old man is appearing in court in Germany and being charged with scratching the paintwork of 642 vehicles in several towns across Bavaria between February and April 2018.

He is accused of using a sharp object to carry out his nonsensical act of vandalism and causing an estimated $1million in damages. Some officials are suggesting that the actual number could be as high as 1,700 vehicles.

It is believed the offender targeted towns in the Lower Franconia region of Germany.

He was caught after a woman saw the man acting suspicious and loitering around several parked vehicles. She called the police who arrived swiftly at the scene and were able to arrest him.

The court in the city of Schweinfurt has set aside 24 days for proceedings to take place.

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