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If you have some free time and want to earn a little extra cash, a New York dealership might have a solution for you... Image Credit: Supplied

The action-packed Fast and Furious franchise has an extremely passionate fan following and now, for one lucky fan, that devotion to the blockbuster car-related series is about pay off. Literally.

A Honda dealership is offering one fan $900 to watch every single movie - and they will also receive a $50 movie gift certificate and concessions for Fast 9, the latest installment starring Vin Diesel, John Cena, and Michelle Rodriguez, which will hit cinemas in May.

The dealership in Yonkers, New York, has set some pretty simple rules for participants and we can only imagine how many will try to enter. After all, who wouldn’t want to be paid to watch some movies?

The dealership explained the “Fast Saga Binge-Watch Contest” on its site:

“Here at Yonkers Honda, we obviously have an obsession with cars. We also love movies, as do most people. No franchise better combines those two passions than The Fast & The Furious series of films. In celebration of the newest entry in the series being released in May, we wanted to find the perfect person to help us analyze our favorite franchise through the time-honored tradition of the binge-watch! The chosen candidate will receive a prize pack consisting of snacks and energy drinks to help them power through all nine existing movies, a gift card that will cover the cost of tickets and snacks for themselves and a guest to see the newest movie opening weekend, and $900 ($100 for each previously released movie).”

The winner will have to chronicle their experience on Facebook and Twitter. Not a bad gig if you ask us.

Why is Honda doing this, you ask? Well, it makes sense as a promotion as during the franchise, several models from the Japanase carmaker have lit up the big screen including a number of Civic hatchbacks, the Acura NSX, and the Honda S2000.

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