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Please give this dog a home

'Shang' the Alsatian had been badly abused by his last owners when he was found outside a hotel in Abu Dhabi

Image Credit: Montserrat Martin/Gulf News Reader
Despite having been badly abused, Shang has retained his gentle, happy nature. He is in urgent need of a loving home, according to Gulf News reader Montserrat Martin.
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This is the story of the Alsatian named Shang (he was rescued outside a hotel resembling the name, in Abu Dhabi).

A rope was tied to his front leg and his body's condition was simply devastating. He had dog bites on his neck and despite his agony, he was still wagging his tail.

The Friends of Animals group, which helps rehome abandoned and abused animals, is putting out an urgent appeal to get people to stop this kind of abuse.

Can people really call themselves human that when they are involved in such savagery?

On the bright side, when my friend called me for help, we got to work. We were able to coordinate with various animal rescue groups and a veterinary clinic came forward to help, too. It was simply great that the groups are sticking together to keep animals safe.

Shang deserves a loving home as he is very friendly and sweet. He has been neutered, clipped and is recovering from his injuries.

If anyone can offer him a place to call home, please contact me on 050 7706711.

 — The reader is the founder of Friends of Animals group, and is based in Dubai



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I'd be glad to help but I think it's expensive to pay the shipping of the dog here... and I dont have that kind of amount, i really love dogs, i even helped a shi tzu which was not taken care of...

Ma. Czarmine Yu

18 June 2010 11:53jump to comments