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Illegal parking

Drivers looking to save some money close off two-way road

Image Credit: Amna Seddiqi/Gulf News Reader
Parking any which way has become the standard in certain areas of Abu Dhabi, according to Gulf News reader Amna Seddiqi. She urged the authorities toprovide residents with a solution.
Gulf News

These photographs I clicked show the way cars are parked at a so-called parking lot in the Ziyani area of Abu Dhabi.

This area was a two-way road earlier, with two or three cars lining up in between the lanes. But now, due to the introduction of paid parking in Abu Dhabi, all the drivers park their cars here illegally.

This not only causes the closure of all routes in the area, but also damages the road — which inevitably results in further damaging vehicle tyres.

Also the municipal garbage-collecting truck tends to stop at a minor road in this area, because it cannot find space in the parking lot to do so.

Usually the garbage-collecting truck is seen at around noon and due to the traffic [congestion] behind the truck, a series of continuous horns are heard, which again causes disturbance.

I request the concerned authorities to please take note of this situation and make the necessary changes.

The reader is a recent graduate of Islamia English School, in Abu Dhabi

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