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Dubai man offers Dh5,000 reward to find missing parrot

17-year-old African Grey flew out of a Downtown villa on November 22

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Missing: Joojookak, the African grey parrot with a red tail, is microchipped

Dubai: The distraught owner of a missing African grey parrot that can speak English just like him is willing to pay a Dh5,000 reward to anyone who can find his precious bird.

Ali Morshedi, a Downtown resident from the UK, told XPRESS that Joojookak, the 17-year-old parrot, flew out of his villa terrace at around noon on November 22. “The maid had taken him out in the sun and left the cage door open. That’s usually not a problem because he moves around freely within the house. But that particular day, the sight of a ladder used by some technicians must have scared him off and he flew out.”

Morshedi said he had looked high and low for the parrot but with no success. “I can’t find him anywhere. I’ve been looking around in this area and have also been to pet markets in Satwa and Sharjah. I have given out flyers but there is no sign of him.”

Worst fears

He said Joojookak has a red tail and grey body. He is microchipped and has no ring.

“This is an emotional situation for me as I have hand-reared him for 17 years. I know he did not fly away to be free because his freedom is with me. My fear is that he must be frightened and starving. Worse, if he has been caught by someone, mistreated and sold, he has a bleak future.”

Morshedi said his life has turned upside down ever since Joojookak went missing. The monetary reward of Dh5,000 apart, he said it was a matter close to his heart. “He thinks he is a human being. He talks in my voice. Whoever returns him will forever be in our hearts.” The African Grey Parrot, a native of the African rain forests, is prized not only for its majestic looks but also its intelligence and ability to co-exist with human beings like family members. They are known for their longevity and can live up to 80-100 years.


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