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Teens rent out empty homes for booze, sex and rock ‘n roll parties

Owners horrified as agents lease vacant homes to teens for wild nights of abandon

  • empty houses make the most noise: Inside view of the three-bedroom Springs villa, inset, which was rented outImage Credit: XPRESS/ANJANA KUMAR
  • DEADLY BASH: Harry Harling fell to his death last March while attending a party gone wrongImage Credit: XPRESS ARCHIVES
  • HOUSE OF HORROR: Harry Harling fell to his death under mysterious circumstances from this building in Motor CiImage Credit: XPRESS ARCHIVES
  • Hotspot: The three-bedroom Springs villa which was rented out by an unscrupulous agent to teenagers who went wImage Credit: ANJANA KUMAR/XPRESS

Dubai: The owner of a villa in an exclusive Dubai community was horrified to find out that his agent had been renting out his property to teenagers for wild nights, after one such weekend orgy turned ugly and neighbours had to call the police.

The Pakistani owner who had given the keys to his Springs 11 villa to an agent four months ago to sell, lashed out at him for making a fast buck by renting his home to expat teens to hold parties allegedly fuelled by sex, gas and alcohol.

The incident has brought into focus the practice of renting empty houses for these parties.

Harry Harling

Last year Harry Harling, a Grade 11 student of Jumeirah College, died when he fell from an empty flat in an 11-storey building in Dubai’s Motor City where teenagers had gathered for a booze-fuelled party.

The Springs villa owner who declined to be identified told XPRESS: “I had no idea what was happening until I got a call from Emaar one morning to tell me my villa had been converted into a party den the previous night. When I went to the see the villa, residents living nearby informed me of the wild night. I had to personally apologise to them.”

A resident said the teenagers were loud, noisy and refused to leave the party until security and police arrived. “They were all over the street. We could even see some teens getting intimate with each other on the first floor of the villa, oblivious to the fact that people around could see them through the window.

“It was a bit scary to go and talk to such noisy teenagers in such large numbers.”

The villa owner said his agent had vanished after the incident. “When I tried calling him his mobile was switched off. I think he ran away,” he said.

The raucuous bash has cast a shadow on the level of security in the community, which is generally peaceful and orderly.

On Tuesday, this reporter went inside the villa where the party was held — it was not locked. While the villa looked clean inside, cigarette butts, tissue boxes, empty plastic cups and tobacco cans were strewn at the entrance and in the garden.

The incident is not new to Dubai. One Meadows 9 resident said there are quite a few empty villas around the area being hired by teenagers to hold parties. “My neighbour’s teenage daughter said some of her friends rented a villa for a night to give a farewell party to a friend,” the resident claimed.


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This is utterly uncalled for. Name and shame the agent so others may be wary of such malicious individuals.


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