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Youngsters encouraged for camel milk research

EICMP open its doors for young scientists to develop researches on camels’ health, safety, and breeding

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Abu Dhabi: Emirates Industry for Camel Milk and Products (EICMP) has supported the Expo-Sciences International (ESI) by promoting scientific knowledge and research on camel milk among young students.

EICMP has announced the opening of its doors for universities and schools to ignite curiosity in the field of camel milk research during the expo event, which ran from September 15 and will continue until September 17 at Adnec.

“The ESI is a very important for EICMP to exchange information and technology among researchers and professionals at all levels. We believe in supporting scientific research and education as they foster continued growth and success of organisations as well as society,” said Mutasher Al Badry, deputy general manager at EICMP.

Emirates Industry has now a herd of over 3,400 camels producing life-enriching camelicious camel milk, which is now available in plain and flavored varieties including strawberry, dates, saffron, and chocolate.

A variety of cheeses is new to the UAE market and research continues to develop even more flavors and products.

“Believing in giving opportunities for young minds in the UAE, EICMP has continuously shown their support for education and science by sponsoring Master and PhD students for their researches on camels’ health, safety, breeding and welfare as well as camel milk products,” said Mohammad Ashraf, sales manager at EICMP.

“We are currently producing around 6000 litres of camel milk. Awareness of the health benefits of camel milk has been increased dramatically. About 80 per cent of our sales are Emiratis and Arabs because camel milk is a main component in their heritage and culture and they believe in its numerous benefits, Ashraf told Gulf News.

Camel milk can be a medicine for diabetes and can improve the conditions of autistic persons, he added.

According to a research published by a group of seven scientists from Dubai in the Journal of Camel Practice and Research, drinking 500 millilitres of camel milk everyday over eight weeks can improve the behavior and social interaction of autistic persons.