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The Tajik wonder

12 year old’s impeccable knowledge of Quran amazes all

Image Credit: Courtesy: Lutfullah Khaliqov
Lutfullah Khaliqov
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Dubai: He is diminutive, cute-looking and with a permanent smile on his face. He also has the honour of being a disciple of Tajikistan’s Grand Imam Syed Mukarram Abdul Qadir.

But the 12-year-old Lutfullah Khaliqov, who memorised the entire Quran in just a year, has more under his belt.

One of the participants at this year’s Holy Quran competition, he is no ordinary contestant.

Give him a verse number and he will recite the verse for you and vice versa. Not just that, he can also tell you the page number where the verse appears, the first as well as the last verses on that page.

Khaliqov, whose extraordinary memory has won him several Quranic competitions and brought him numerous honours, remembers the number of verses in each chapter of the Quran as well as the starting and ending verses of each chapter.

He also remembers the starting and ending verses of each page of the Quran and whether a verse was revealed in Makkah or Madinah.

The boy from Dushanbe gave a live demonstration of his skills on stage at Quran Awards to the amazement of a weekend crowd.

“What he remembers is really amazing. Memorising the entire Quran itself is a gigantic task and to remember these little details is something special,” said Shakeeb Ahmad, an Islamic scholar with Juma Al Majid Centre for Culture and Heritage, who witnessed Khaliqov’s performance.



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Bismillahi Mashallah!!! may Allah protect him from bad eye and allow toour children to memorize the Holly Quran


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