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The glory and pride of a historic day

Emiratis share happy moments with friends.

Big smiles, big celebrations
Image Credit: ABDUL RAHMAN/Gulf News
Emirati children take part in the celebrations during the parade of their decoratedcar with portraits of the Rulers of the Emirates and national flags, at the Cornichein Abu Dhabi on Thursday night to celebrate the UAE National Day.
Gulf News

Dubai:  December in the UAE has a national importance and symbolises the colours of the unity; the colours of the patriotic spirit — red, green, white and black — were proudly raised and were seen on cars, buildings, houses and organisations in the past week.

All were enjoying every minute of the day that has brought them prosperity and progress and made them a powerful nation.

Gulf News caught up with some Emiratis and asked how they celebrated National Day.

Mubarak Bin Juma, a 61-year-old Emirati and former Dubai Government employee, decorated his car with a number of UAE flags. He said: "December 2 is a very precious day to us as Emiratis. It is the day that our national identity was born and the day that we all became one big family, from Abu Dhabi, the capital, to Ras Al Khaimah. That's why we prepare ourselves to celebrate such a historic day."

Patriotic spirit

Amnah Dimas, a 39-year-old Emirati housewife, said: "National Day expresses our patriotic spirit. As a matter of fact, we look forward to it every year. This day holds many crucial meanings to us as Emiratis, it reflects who we are and it enhanced us as a nation with unity and mission, not to mention all the countless prosperity the union has generously offered us."

Emirati siblings Maha 19, Ahmad, 17, and Khalifa 14, also shared their pride. "Every year my family celebrates National Day and we invite our friends from different nationalities to share the moments of happiness with us, and we decorate the house with the shades of the UAE flag," Maha said. Khalifa added, "Our country has offered us a lot and what we do is not enough to say thank you UAE for all your generosity; we are so proud to be Emiratis and we do our best to make our beloved country proud of us."

Emirati Azza A. Al Mutawa, a 29-year-old banker in Dubai, said: "My family decorated all our cars and our house with the flags. My sister and I bought some lovely accessories that represent the colours of the UAE's flag to go with the occasion."