Salesman seeks financial help for daughter’s treatment

Father says he has already exhausted savings on treating Noura’s serious intestinal condition

Image Credit: Courtesy family
Noura Ahmed’s father Shahid says he still needs to settle about Dh75,000 in medical bills but has exhausted all his savings
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Dubai: A desperate father said he urgently needs over Dh100,000 in medical bills for his baby daughter born with perforated intestines.

Indian expat Shahid Ahmad said Noora was born at a Sharjah hospital on June 19 with “intestinal rupture”.

The 36-year-old salesman said he cannot afford to clear unpaid and ongoing medical bills as he only earns about Dh5,000 a month.

Ahmad added that four hospitals in Sharjah and Dubai were unable to treat Noora because there was no room or paediatric surgeon available.

Noora was eventually admitted “critically sick” in intensive care at Dubai’s Zulekha Hospital where her treatment has cost more than Dh104,000, according to documents shown by Ahmad.

Though her condition has improved, she still needs another surgery and three to four weeks’ treatment at hospital, the medical papers say.

Every day is costing about Dh2,500 in hospital bills, Ahmad added.

“I never used to ask even a dirham from anyone. I used to give charity to others. But I have fallen on hard times,” he said.

“It’s difficult for me to even look at my daughter because when I see her it reminds me how helpless I am to get her out of this.”

Noora is the couple’s first-born after five years of marriage, Ahmad said.

He added that his daughter’s insurance provider has said they cannot cover the medical expenses as she was born with the condition.

Ahmad said he has paid already paid Dh40,000 so far – Dh30,000 at Zulekha and Dh10,000 at the Sharjah hospital where she was born.

“I’ve spent all my savings, I’ve nothing left now. I want to appeal for help for my daughter’s sake. I don’t know what else to do,” Ahmad added.

He said that he needs about Dh110,000 – around Dh75,000 in unpaid charges plus about Dh35,000 in expected bills.


  • hassan

    02-Jul-2013 16:38

    plz give me the detail we want to help him...ya allah save this baby

  • Meshell

    02-Jul-2013 15:39

    Yes! Together we can help this lil baby angel. Pls forward contactdetails.

  • Greeshma

    02-Jul-2013 15:24

    We all are praying for her health and she will definitely get well.kindly provide me the details so that i can help him.


    02-Jul-2013 14:14


  • Fozia

    02-Jul-2013 14:07

    May Allah recovers the girl fast. Please give his contact details wewant to help them, we can imagine how difficult is for both of them tosee their daughter in this condition, she is not even 1month old. Werequest every reader to help the desperate family. Allah will reward everyone.

  • RAJ

    02-Jul-2013 13:52

    May God bless the lil one with his grace and mercy. Can we have thecontact details for donations?

  • Sonam

    02-Jul-2013 13:19

    Sure we should help save the angel. sure we can't help with full amountbut if 1000ppl share 100dhs each it will save little Noora. Can I getsome details as to how I can help with whatever I can. God bless her

  • Jennifer Alcayaga

    02-Jul-2013 12:42

    Praying that the little girl will get well soon with God's infinitehelp. Further, it will be helpful to post how generous readers can reachout to this father so that we can help him out in whatever way we could.

  • Leandro Polonio

    02-Jul-2013 12:29

    I also a father of new bourn and I can imagine how desperate this Fatheris. I'd like to have his contact details. God bless little Noora.

  • Leandro Polonio

    02-Jul-2013 12:25

    I just became a father now and my kids had to stay in NICO for 10 days.It was already heartbreaking I can imagine this Father situation. Ineed his contact details. God Bless Noora!

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plz give me the detail we want to help him...ya allah save this baby


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