Online applications to help check identity theft, errors

Residents can directly visit Emirates ID centres to complete registration

Emirates ID Card
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The online system is expected to allow applicants to pay charges online (using credit card or debit card).

Abu Dhabi: Residents will soon be able to apply for national ID cards online without the need to visit typing centres.

The Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID) will launch the online application system next month for Emiratis, an official spokesman told Gulf News yesterday. “Expatriates will be able to use the online application from February,” he added.

Internet-savvy applicants can avoid visiting typing centres after applying online (on ) and can directly proceed to Emirates ID centres for biometric screening to complete the registration process, he said.

The online system is expected to allow applicants to pay charges online (using credit card or debit card) but more details will be revealed during the launch, the spokesman said.

Payment details

Asked whether the extra fee of Dh70 towards typing services will be waived for online applicants, he said: “You have to wait until the launch for all such minute details.” The spokesperson however didn’t reveal the exact date of the launch.

Dr Ali Al Khoury, Director General of Emirates ID, recently told Gulf News that once the online application system is launched, typing centres will cater to categories like labourers who may not have internet access.

“We had certified around a thousand typing centres across the country to carry out the pre-registration process. Now the new online application system means we are certifying thousands of internet-savvy people in the country to carry out their pre-registration process,” he explained.

It may be recalled that Gulf News had earlier reported complaints received from people about errors introduced by typing centres in application forms. Emirates ID had cancelled the certification of several typing centres following repeated complaints.

Main complaints

Those who apply online can avoid such errors.

Many residents had also complained about typing centres asking applicants to leave their original passports with them to complete applications thus exposing them to the risk of identity theft. The authorities had warned against such practices. Online applicants can also avoid such problems.

Emirates ID had transferred the pre-registration process to typing centres in mid- 2010 whereby the applicants enjoy advantages like the extended working hours of typing centres. They also did not need to visit the typing centre in person but a company PRO (Public Relations Officer) or family member could carry out the pre-registration process on their behalf if the original passport is produced. The applicants are required to visit Emirates ID registration centres to complete the registration process.

With Emirates ID going with an appointment-based registration system across the country, residents have to wait for an appointment after completing the pre-registration process.

The typing centres can charge Dh70 extra, apart from the fee for the ID cards. Dh70 includes the service charges for the application form, typing and distribution though Emirates Post or courier.

The existing ID cardholders are able to renew their cards at certified typing centres without visiting Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) registration centres.

The advantage of this system is that ID cardholders do not need to seek appointments or check the working hours of Emirates ID centres. If the fingerprint of the applicant is available in the Emirates ID database, then that individual only has to visit the Emirates ID centre for renewal.


  • preciosa ravnbo

    Dec 26, 2011 5:44

    This is great, less time consuming more acceptable to the public.

  • shahzadashiq

    Dec 26, 2011 4:28

    This is definitely a welcome news.It will save our time as well as money. Really a good move.

  • Abdul Azeez

    Dec 26, 2011 4:13

    Really appreciate.. Waiting for the launch....

  • Javeed

    Dec 26, 2011 2:45


  • Rupesh Lobo

    Dec 26, 2011 11:15

    Very good move from the authorities. When Emirates ID was introduced initially this option was available, but it was subsequently discontinued. Significant reduction in charges will be a major step forward. Currently the cost of Emirates Id (Fees) has to be incurred by the individual and request the authorities make changes so that employers pay these fees. Today companies are reluctant to take responsibility and some employees will be hesitant to pay the initial fees.

  • Adeel

    Dec 26, 2011 10:58

    It will really be a good move. I am waiting anxiously for this like many others. As reported by lot of people, recently when I went to a typing center for the renewal of emirates id, I was asked to leave my original passport and expired id in the typing center and come back after 6 hours. I opted not to do it and came back. Lets hope that online system is up and running for all as soon as possible.

  • Azad Parvez Esmail

    Dec 26, 2011 10:57

    This is definitely a welcome news. People can do away with paying the typing fees and worry about errors and leaving their passports there. the delivery fee should also be waived, as Emirates post is not delivering, but applicants has to go in person to collect their cards from them. Applicants can collect the cards from the nearest ID centre themselves.

  • Suresh

    Dec 26, 2011 10:37

    Very good decision for the employees, they can apply over the net for their families to avoid such a rush at the typing centers.

  • Gina Gelvero

    Dec 26, 2011 10:11

    That's really cool.......and you can save the time as well as 70 Dh...... Inshallah expatriates can do the online application by January 2012

  • ahmad robledo

    Dec 26, 2011 10:10

    this is good! very nice, and very helpful.

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This is great, less time consuming more acceptable to the public.

preciosa ravnbo

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