Networking to energise Pakistani community

New ambassador at large aims to give single platform for voices of expatriates.

Image Credit:Devadasan/Gulf News
Gulf News

Dubai: "Pakistanis living in the UAE need a networking forum for better interaction between different groups and to build image of the country," said Javed Malek, who was recently appointed as Ambassador at Large by the Pakistani Prime Minister Saeed Yousuf Raza Gilani.

"I am going to form a council of advisers comprising representatives of Pakistani community members from around the world to help them address their problems," Malek told Gulf News.

He noted that the community in the UAE was scattered and divided and could perform well if they were brought under one platform.

Malek said he would work independently but in cooperation with the Pakistani missions abroad on the task given by Gilani to activate the community worldwide and build a positive image of the country in addition to luring investment.

Boosting ties

In his capacity as Ambassador at Large, Malek will advise and assist Gilani on special assignments across Middle East and Europe to improve bilateral relations and to boost trade, business and cultural relations.

He will also work to support overseas Pakistani communities in the Gulf and Europe through various result-oriented initiatives.

Malek, who is based in Dubai for the last seven years, is a well-known figure among the community in the UAE. He anchors a popular talk show on a private Pakistani television in addition to running his own business.

The 34-year-old law graduate has business interests in Britain and the Middle East.

He is also the Executive Director of the World Forum, a body of members from the British and the Pakistani parliaments, which organises seminars on important regional and international issues.

In his new role, he will work to activate the overseas Pakistani community by networking, and would attempt to bring more investments into Pakistan.

His tasks also include creating job opportunities for Pakistanis at home and abroad. "Expatriate Pakistanis' contribution to the Pakistani economy and their efforts will be recognised at the highest level, they will be given special incentives, and a dedicated body to deal with their problems at the highest level," said Malek.

He asked the overseas Pakistani community to share their ideas with him.

"I am setting up a Council of Advisors which will comprise of prominent Pakistanis from Dubai, Doha, London and Saudi Arabia," he said.

Malek said he would soon take a delegation of prominent Pakistani businessmen to meet Prime Minister Gilani.